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Leon Thournefield was an unnamed hero that was labelled as a villain in the books written for the elites. He prevented the destruction of Earth and yet was fooled and left by people's hero elites. Fed up of his long life he wishes to come back to Earth and feel the pleasure again. He returned but something different changes in his body. Leon Thournefield, 1199 years old in present time reverted back to his fifteen year old appearance. But why everyone is so old? What the heck?

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Mistaken Villain
Long ago after the pandemic that had swept the lives of many and other humans turned into something else –monsters that had appeared and eaten their own kind like their minds could only think is to satisfy the hunger they felt the first time they awoken after turning. Enemies from other planets invaded the Earth and the world was in the tip of destruction when miraculously, humans gained the power to strike back.   Strength.   Wisdom.   Agility.   Their abilities risen enormously and then they finally had new hopes for a new day. They fought tirelessly and managed to lessen the monsters but it wasn’t enough to completely eradicate them. Soon the elite humans that had gained the greatest abilities got tired and one after another, they requested for a rest that is not likely to happen as monsters flooded in on Earth endlessly. They tried to look from where they were coming but they couldn’t figure it o
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Xing Ling
Leon felt his dreams were almost in his grasp. The bath, nice clothes, cut his hair and most specially the cuisine that he misses the most…adobo. Who wouldn’t want adobo?! It is the best Philippine cuisine for him and if he could bring soy sauce and vinegar to his travels then he would! But now, he could have them all now! He grinned before nodding his head and checks his belongings. “I already brought everything I needed…I guess?” Rubbing the tip of his chin while thinking of the things he should bring from the few things scattered on a smooth stone inside a room with rough edges but spacious enough for a family to live. Leon felt a weight in his shoulders but didn’t bother to look at it. Geoff rubbed his head towards the side of Leon’s head. His horns that felt soft when he doesn’t feel danger were making Leon irritated and cause him to shove his head away. &ld
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Fifteen...year old?!
"Alas! You are here oh my king, my master Great Devourer!" The chieftain of the Gobolines was about to kowtow in front of Leon riding in Xing Ling but he told him that he doesn't have to. The warriors of the gobolines assisted the chieftain up and the shamans behind were all bowing their heads towards the benevolent Devourer.  Leon scanned the surrounding and frown when his ears that he tried so hard to block was picking up again the gobolines music of pleasure it painted a wrong idea to the gobolines and everyone that is present all kowtowed on the ground with their forehead planted on the ground. Leon clicked his tongue before ignoring their position and started to inquire. "Does the portal functioning well without any errors?" His words were sharp and heavy that greatly scared the gobolines tribe. But deep within, Leon was hopeful that he would be getting that dream bath and meal he had been wanting for!  Le
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Earthex had flourished and technology improved through out the time. They suppressed the turned and they enhanced defense. The countries united as one and they have no ruler to lead them all. Instead, they established a round table consisting of seven throne holder, each from the seven continent that made up Earthex. These people lead each of their territory and they made great communication with one another thus they improved the overall needs of their people. But after the promising years of abundance and turned free life, the researchers and a group of scientist started a life turning experiment to each and every habitants of Earthex. They said it was for medical enhancement and launched out voluntary program with great benefits and life insurance if ever the experiment had gone wrong.  Life is flourishing but to people that wanted more than a simple life, they were enticed with such deal
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Anime Marathon
Eucrid saw Leon going out of the house and immediately told Mint to keep him away from them. Mint was against the idea but Eucrid while still being kicked by a group of muscled people shakily clicked on his watch and the house made some fortress emergency mode.    The gates went shut and an alarm that rang for a good whole ten minutes make their ears hurt. The Glowing blue barrier started to move from the center of the house and towards where Eucrid was being beaten and around the perimeter. Leon's eyes widen when he saw a green and purple light came from Eucrid and the group of guys that was ganging up on him was immediately thrown away upon recognition. The blinking light hit the intruders until they reached the end of the perimeter. They look like kids being hit by their mothers. It even made Leon's lip curved but immediately went to move his body and follow the intruders but stopped when called in an almost difficult voice by Eucrid.   
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Welcoming Leon and Louie is a girl with a pretty long white hair tied in two high ponytails with cute gold ribbons. She has a gentle face and femine shape eyes that glowed a dangerous glint. Leon unconsciously went to his guard but Louie went in front and put him at his back. She has a short shorts being covered with a see through glowing skirt that comes till the edge of her toes. Like what Louie is wearing, the thread and lining of her dress were glowing and it makes her terrifying. She has a golden leather choker with a red teardrop jewel at the middle. She just stare at the two with folded arms and unconsciously both swallowed their saliva and seems like ready for a good scolding.    "It took us quite a long time since our guest is hungry. I would like to suggest that he must be well fed first before he meets the master as it might took quite a while before they could have a decent meal when they started." Leon couldn't help but having a feeling that is
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Soon the time flowed in endless stream to the bachelors stuck inside the pod of various worlds. Many hours had passed until it could make for a day until that turns to few and after eight days of continued watching, the pod's door finally opened and the servants bowed in synchronization.    "I humbly greets the master a very good evening. Would you like to eat something? We will prepare it for you." Lanie in a different shade other than that chromatic bright color. Pastel suits her better. Leon almost cough from the thought and immediately focused on getting up and went outside the pod. He felt like his bones were so stiff it cracks even from a small movement. But surprisingly, he doesn't feel tired or sleepy albeit he even felt refresh like he slept for a good couple of days.  Seeing this Eucrid had a fit of laughter while still laying in the pod with a covering cocoon laid above him beside the open door of the pod.  &n
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"There is seven continent in total and you are at the fifth continent. They don't have a grand name or complicated title but simply called by numbers like the seat of the round table. It's not that easy to travel from continent to continent but I know you'll manage." Eucrid pats Leon's back like an old father to his prodigal son.    Leon decided to heed the old man's request and now was being told of the things he needed to know. Eucrid didn't ask why he doesn't know such basic thing but instead given him many of them is the classic black strap watch that he just gave. Leon tried to inspect it but changes his mind which he regrets. As soon as he put it in his skin, he felt a small prick in his wrist and he quickly try to pull it out of his arm but Eucrid stopped him.   "Don't be scared Leon! It's just scanning your molecular structure and registering you into the server cough! cough!" Leon paused when he heard that Eucrid c
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"Ah...oh, you're welcome." Leon didn't mind the shift in personality but his relaxed attitude changes when he felt something off from the ground that he is standing. Before it collapses, he exerted a little strength before he jumps into the air and the ground revealed metal spike rods that could skewer his body if he was a minute late in his response.     "Why did I not detected that? Such ability to conceal a trap is admiring!" Leon could hear something twinkling around him but he couldn't see anything. Leon checked the trap with his skill >Finder<. It was a useful stolen skill to someone he don't remember anymore.    『No outside power detected. A power called >Program< mainly from Earthex detected. Permission to extract sample through >Needle<. Confirm to start.』   Leon's brow raised and decided to cancel it for now.   "What are you
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Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm went on and the noise sounded around. Leon could hear Mint's voice teasingly laugh at the watch while it was still ringing, Leon is thinking if he will turn to a sprint away from the store but then he heard some footstep coming from the inside. That's when he shifted his gaze inside the store. Leon couldn't distinguish what he will react at the moment, the vast difference of the interior from exterior  is making him speechless. A man with great posture despite his age with pair of clothes that looks presentable unlike the people he had seen so far. His hair was well pomade and a tie with a plain color. The stark gray with white striking shine makes him look reliably...handsome.  "Welcome oh our esteemed guest! We have been waiting for your arrival after we get notification of your coming. The items you told us were all available and had been packed with all care and good. I don't mea
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