Urgent message

Day 23, 6th month of the year 1501 of the magic age.

Urgent message

This letter is meant to be brief, I apologize in advance for the informal words.

At present, the lands of the marquis Soul Za are in complete chaos; a mysterious orc attack began this morning. Since House Sophiette has always been of great help at such times, the king requests your services once again.

The value of this mission will be a total of 100 gold coins. Two hundred knights are on their way to the marquis' lands; they have been instructed to follow his orders.

As soon as the mission is completed, report to the capital as soon as possible.

~~ Elisabella Andeavor, Princess Regent


- Tsc! What is Ed doing?

- Lady Sophia, the carriage is ready!

- Perfect, I'm leaving for those cursed lands again, have you prepared my armor?

- It's all inside the carriage, al
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