Wave Boss

The orcs were running desperately from the carriage, as if death itself was inside it.

It was useless, or rather, impossible to escape. The little girl's perfect precision was maintained even at high speed.

The coachwoman drove the carriage like a real getaway driver. Her brown eyes were yellowed and a supernatural concentration took over her face.

As for Kurone...

- Urgh!

He was nauseous.

The speed was gradually increasing, and yet the loli with the black rifle did not lose its accuracy. With each shot, you could hear the scream of an orc being shot down.

At the moment, only Kurone and Rory were inside the carriage. Edgar and Brain went down to the entrance to help the other adventurers.

- There's a horde of orcs ahead - shouted Amelia.

In a drift, the chariot swerved perfectly out of the horde of orcs and into a narrow alleyway - where the wooden edges of the chariot splintered when they came into contact with the brick walls. Rory used the back window to eliminate the pursuing or
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