Dark knight

The sound of trumpet blasts rang through the air, stealing the attention of even those most focused on the battle.

Near the guild building, two men in yellow on horses played their instruments incessantly. Behind them, four more approached - these with yellow flags, emblazoned with the same coat of arms that adorned their robes.

Still further behind, six soldiers in heavier armor approached holding spears, and at the end was a knight unlike any other. His armor, completely black, apparently weighed more than fifty kilos, but the muscular horse on which he was mounted was not even bothered.

The gaze of everyone in the guild turned to him - not only theirs, but also that of the five guards who were still alive on the battlefield.

Just one blow from the "wave boss" was enough to eliminate half of the men. Kurone managed to survive the monster's onslaught thanks to his goddess-given body strength.

Amelia disappeared after the dust had settled and Rory was on top of the guild building, fir
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