The Betrayal Part 4: The Ending and Beginning



Wake up!


She opened her eyes from the call of someone deep in her sleep. The first thing she saw is her room's ceiling.

"Thank goodness you are awake!"

She looked at Glacia's face and she saw fear and panic!

"W-what is happening?" Before she received an answer, she heard multiple explosions outside that bought her in her window to see.

"What the.." she backed away from the window when she saw chaos everywhere outside.

She looks back to Glacia to ask her what is happening only to find her down on the edge of her bed losing her life. She came rushing to her for aid.

"Glacia! Glacia! What happened?" she asked her loud enough to call it screaming as the elder is losing her life in front of her.

"H-he sold us"

Dizzy, panicking and can't decipher what she is saying she asked again, "What?"


She was put to stone when she heard his name. Before she can ask another question, Glacia holds her hand as much as the little strength she has.

"Go... Go to Father. He is dealing with the angel. You have to survive"

Before she could react, Glacia's physical body was devoured by the light and on her arms, it vanished. Her hands are shaking in confusion and fear. What is happening? Why does it have a connection with Faramir? Sold?

Her senses came back to her when she heard another explosion nearby. She collect herself and stood up and went outside to see it for herself. By the time she is outside, she stopped as she witnessed the disaster the Asfelro came to be. Her sisters are crying and disappearing in thin air. The harmony and peace converted to destruction and death. She stop thinking when she saw soldiers that she has never seen before.


It triggered her anger and fly toward one of them. She cast a wall of ice and entrapped the soldier inside. She flies high enough to witness the surroundings and there she saw from the east side, her Father facing the winged being. She focused her power from within closing her eyes. She felt the chilling of the wind and as she raised her hand in the air the blizzard came down upon the Asfelro.

She looked back to where her father is. She saw bolts of light coming into his mouth and everything the light touches freezes in solid eyes. He is aiming at the angel above him but he can't him due to aerial advantage.

She dived in and crushed herself down with the angel. The impact of a fall is strong enough to create an explosion and falling debris.

She then shouted, "Now father!!" as loud as she can.

The lightning-like attack then freezes both of them and entrapped them in a pillar of eyes. Since she is a fairy of ice, it is not effective against her and she freely moves away from the created pillar. She flew straight from her father and hugged him tightly.

"Glacia is dead. I thought you are too" she said as she hugged him again. Her tears flowed in her eyes as she felt at ease. She looked back to where the angel is trapped when she felt pressure coming from it.


The pillar exploded and shattered into pieces. The angel with her huge and wide wings came out of the mist, she saw it as a signal of power and their defeat. Her father went into defensive mode as they feel the sharp eyes of the being piercing their very existense. She saw her figures in the mist and she can tell how monstrous their power compared to them.

"It is just a low-class angel, daughter. Regardless, she is a threat to us and we can't win this fight" she heard her father talk via telepathy.

She looked at him, surprised.

"So what should we do? Die?" as she talks to him via telepathy she looks into his eyes looking at him as well. She cried when she saw fear in his.

"There is one thing for you to escape this fate, Anastasia. Inherit my power and be Titania"

Before she could even react, the angel sliced the mist around her and thrust the sword she is holding in their direction. Her father is quick enough to cast a wall of ice to cover them.

"What do you mean? If I were to be Titania, you'll cease to exist!" she said crying and tearing. The tears almost freezing due to the chilling temperature around them.

"It is the only choice. You escape or we both die"

"No!!" she went down on her knees as her strength leave her legs.

"Quick, Anastasia. We don't have much time!"

The angel flew above them and swing her sword to cut them open inside of the ice sphere.

"If you can't decide, I'll force it on you. I will not let us all die here. If it's you, we will be happy"

Her father grabbed her and threw her at his back then the ice covering them broke. Before the angel could attack them, her father neighed lifting his front hooves in the air and giving a force around as it landed on the ground. The force freezes everything in the surroundings including the angel hovering above them. Then he ran as fast as he can.

As they dash straight to the exit of Asfelro, light is bit by bit devouring her father's body.

"W-what are you doing? Fathe please no!!" she shouted to protest.

They went outside Asfelro and straight to the Winter land. Even though her father is fast enough not to see their surrounding, she saw the elves looking at them. The ones whom they accept as refugees. She then realizes they are not looking at them, they are only watching them as she spotted the Elven Army on standby.

"They betrayed us!" she said almost whispering from the gust of wind crushing on her face.

"Faramir exposed our location to the crusaders. That is why they attacked our home" her father said.

Her face tore and an ugly cry came out to be shown. She only stopped when an attack from above came raining down at them. It seems that the angel unfroze herself. They went straight to the Summer land and use the huts and houses of the Elves to act as their shield from the attacks.

"This place has dried down!" she said as she saw it lifeless like a desert.

"I am almost ready to transfer my power to you, Anastasia. By the time we reach the portal in and out to Estofidel, I will gradually disappear and get absorbed by you"

"We no longer have to do it, Father! We can escape, both of us!"

His father neighed disapproving.

She looked in front of them and she can tell that the invisible portal is close to them.

"I will seal the portal once we get through to give time for you to be converted as Titania. We can hold her long enough for that. Fly as fast as you can to the east and you will arrive at a lake, go there and ambush the angel" he advised as fast as he can.

"I can't--"

"You can! Use the lake to your disadvantage, Titania!"

As the last word she heard from him, she felt like going through something yet to be seen and when she was completely through she was thrown away to the ground. Her father was nowhere to be found.

"Father? Father!" She shouted looking everywhere hoping to see him.

"Run, my child. Never return"

Last words she heard from him via telepathy. Then right after she felt an unknown power surge into her body. She felt strange but powerful. To its greatness, she can feel it overflowing.

She heard a strange banging sound on the other side of the invisible portal and remember what she must do. Her wings grew larger than before when she stretched them up at her back.

She gasped and stop the coming tears in her eyes and leaped into the air to go to the lake her father advised her to go to. Minutes went away fast as she can describe it and she arrived at her destination-- the lake.

The angel came as they expected above her.

"Tired of running away?" she heard her asking.

"So an angel can talk as well!" she remarks coldly.

They both looked at the eyes of each other. The Angel look fascinated while hers, was angry.

"How did you know our home's entrance? Who told you?"

The angel flew down to the water, her toes at its surface, same as her.

"Ah so before you die, you want to have a conversation with me first? That's ok with me"

She did not respond.

"An elf man came into the camps of the humans who summoned me"

That is Faramir!

"He said that the creature who created the whole place was there living with spirits they call fairies. You know the harmony between the races was long due after the age of gods, right?"

She did not respond. Though she knows what she is talking about.

"Humans, the weakest creation came to power, and now can build contracts to higher beings like us to eradicate the enemies they called abominations against god. We don't care about all these" she laughed.

"It just so happens that they discover this place searching for rumored demons on this land. I guess the odds are not in your favor"

She laughed and the angel stop talking.

"Did you just laugh?"

"Do not think highly of yourself, Celestial being. You are the one against the odds right now"

She commanded the whole lake to answer her demand and its glow in the middle of the darkness of night.

"What are you doing?" trying to be cool, the angel tried to fly away from the waters but it seems that it has a body of its own to move and grab her foot.

"I am preparing this lake just for the both of us. Sorry if my attention is not on your stories of delusions" she said mocking her.

The angel got angry but can't escape the strange water grabbing her foot.

She flew in the middle of the air and spread her wings and arms.

"This is the end of your rampage!"

The light intensifies on the lake until it gradually devoured the darkness of the night. Anastasia, before she got covered with the light which will freeze and seal her for hundreds of years, the doll Faramir created came out of her dress.

"W-What are you doing here?" she said before it was too late, she grab it and throw it away as far as she can.

Before her consciousness fades away, she checked the angel on the downside and she thank her father when she saw her in it too.

"Father, we succeeded"

She created a seal powerful enough to even she can't escape. Through the glass of ice she is trapped in, she saw the doll on the side of now the frozen lake, looking at her.

Before she thinks of any depressing thoughts, she closes her eyes and her self fades away after seconds.


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