Mixed Blood: Round Table of Knights - The Fairy of Ice

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Mixed Blood: Round Table of Knights - The Fairy of Ice

By: Kenzo Seiji OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Hundreds of years before the rise of the Hoshokus, in the land of Russia there was a story untold in which another fairy was involved. Loren Aramis Descovick, a vampire Tsesarevich(Crowned Prince) released a creature sealed in a frozen lake. Without him even knowing releasing the woman unveils many issues hidden from their eyes and the survival of his family's empire in Russia. Together with this creature named Anastasia, they are tasked to subdue the Noble vampires in all regions and prevent the coup d'etat and plans for their dethronement, the invasion of the Werewolves in the Capital Region, and the higher threat behind all this. -- Mixed Blood: Round Table of Knights series is composed of 7 Books introducing the Knights that served the Queen of all vampires. The main plot and timeline basis of the present are in the main books titled - Mixed Blood Book 1: War of Fangs and Mixed Blood Book 2: Hoshoku Queen, both available in the Filipino language on Wattpad.

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The Sealed Creature
It was a cold shivering night when Loren and five of his companion lost in the middle of nowhere in some part of Yekaterinburg in Russia. The swift cold wind gives a chilling shiver on their skins down to their bones. Vampires are cold-blooded and they can stand the temperatures of winter, but for tonight? I don't think so. There is something in this coldness, something that puts his alert levels in a high position. "Be keen in your surroundings, soldiers" he warned them. They are currently in the middle of the ice-cold forest with horses, but even the animals are not comfortable with the atmosphere. A few steps and they arrived at someplace where horses can't pass through. They can't step back and return to where they came from, something is clearing all their prints in the snow, and going back will only make them more in loss to this maze-like dead forest. "My Lord, let me transform and fly up to the sky to see where are we in this forest" one soldier presented. He disappro
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The first beings walked in the earth
The music of the orchestra is playing in the air in that throne room. Everyone is enjoying the night, forgetting every political conflict and argument. The night was more peaceful than this party though. The stars lined up perfectly on the night skies like diamonds to be picked. It was peaceful and quiet on that balcony until he heard someone singing. A song he was quite familiar with and heard recently. The orchestra stopped and the whole crowd silenced. He gazed back inside over the balcony and he saw everyone looking at a single person. The woman with long silver hair was approaching the Throne while singing. Not sure if he was hearing her from where he was standing but he can hear her sing like she is right in front of her. "Oh no!" he began to worry when the woman was now in front of the Throne where her mother with the Queen was currently sitting. The 3 Knights that were with the Queen blocked the woman with their weapons—a spear, a sword, and a pointing arrow. The strang
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The Rise of the Weak-Blooded Vampires
The night was cold and no stars, not even the moon is present in the night sky here in the village of Dobrovolsk. "I should have fetched water before sunset earlier. Why should I partake in elders gatherings when I have no idea what to say and advise on any of their issues!?" the woman stomped the ground as she let her anger release from inside. She arrived in the well when she notice the night insects stop chirping. She looked around lighting the surroundings with the lamp she has. A movement sound in the grass swiftly arose from her left so she divert her lamp on it but no one is in sight. "H-hello?" she can't see it but she knows someone is in the dark. She heard movement from her left and when she pointed the lamp she saw a man in a devastating state. She screams as the injured man walks toward her and his right hand is extended trying to reach her. His left hand is in his neck trying to cover the fatal wound, unfortunately, the blood came out like a river from his hand. Sh
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Ally and Foe
Two Millennials ago** There are so many mysteries in the world that no one can't even count on. Like on this date, humans don't have a clue that vampires and werewolves are co-existing with them and they're not just a part of horror stories to scare children. In a tundra from Russia, there is also another mystery that no one else has discovered, a dimension that leads to the magical land of Estofidel. Estofidel is a hidden spatial dimension which the entrance can be found in the Tundra of Yekaterinburg. Although the words 'can be found' are misleading since the entrance is not visible to our naked eye, the entrance can only be available to someone who was born inside. Estofidel on the inside was a vast land abundant in mana. It was divided into two seasons: Winter and Spring. Winter is the only season on the west part of the land while Spring is on the other. It is not only the seasons that were captivating in this hidden paradise-- the animals, insects, and plants were all uniqu
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Anastasia got up on her bed lifeless. She heard that today is a special day and she has to get ready though. The Allied forces are here and her role is important. With the increased number of attacks from weak-blooded vampires, the coup d'etat from the east, and the invading forces from Lithuania, she knows that all of them are co-related to each other. She must identify which of them is being led by the Duke of Yekaterinburg. Her biggest enemy is still the angel and for her, that creature holds the highest priority to be taken care of first. She stopped overthinking when the maid knocked on her door to advise her that she has to hurry and proceed to the garden immediately. The agenda of this meeting is to persuade the Royal family's allies that the trump card of the enemy is far from what they are expecting, thus they need to prepare and prioritize exterminating it. Though she knows that she should also prepare herself on persuading these allies that she is not an enemy too. Where
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The Betrayal Part 1
Winter land, Estofidel** "This is the exact reason why coming over here without a map and a plan is dangerous, Faramir!" Kayse, his fellow researcher angrily shouted at him while they both walk into knee-high snow and lost somewhere in the Winter land. "We might have been circling for several hours on the same spot!" Kayse frustratedly added. "Come on, Kayse! No need to be so pessimistic. We will find the white rabbit we are searching for, just look around" calmly he tried to convince his friend. Though it is not effective as he heard him give an irritated moan. Faramir and Kayse are young researchers. They learned that a white rabbit that can only be found in the Winter land has the ability to produce cooling air. The Summer land wherein the Elves like them reside has been suffering from terrible drought and many of their people die from heatstroke. If they can examine a white rabbit and prove that it can lower the temperature of a certain closed area, they can cool their homes de
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The Betrayal Part 2
It has been two weeks since Faramir was taken by the fairies. He was not treated as a prisoner though. Besides, he has discovered a lot from them and as a researcher, he thinks that what has happened benefitted him and his curiosity. He learned that there is a secret place hidden from anyone that fairies call home. Asfelro was a magical place that gave fairies protection and a place to call home. He doesn't know until he saw it in his own eyes that there is still another place than the Winter land.Asfelro is a place full of mysteries and magic. All kinds of animals and plants that can't be found in Winter and Summer land are there, living harmoniously with the fairies. Also, these magical creatures are more powerful than the Elven think they are. A fairy is born from the mana abundant in the Estofidel and he discovered that the mana has a source. It is not an element that is just present in these lands just like what they believed in, it has somewhat taken the body of a very importan
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The Betrayal Part 3: The Invaders
[Anastasia's POV]She waited for days.Weeks.Months.The Elven man never returns.Anastasia waited long enough for Faramir's return. At the exact spot they met and parted ways. On cold days, freezing nights, blizzards, or any storm, she waited. But even his shadow was never to be found. She waited long enough that she forgot to take care of herself. She sighed shakingly as she pities herself. With all that, tears came rushing to her eyes again."Are you still going to wait for him?" lifeless, she turn her head at her back as Glacia appeared."He promised" she answered almost whispering. She heard Glacia sighing as she hover towards her."You have to go home to Asfelro. The Elven army is coming close, soon enough they will be here and our lands will be their refuge" she felt a gentle force on Glacia's hands holding her arms while looking at the lights in the sky nearby where the torches of the Elven army are in."Father is asking you to meet him, Anastasia" Glacia added.Since her fat
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The Betrayal Part 4: The Ending and Beginning
Anastasia! Anastasia! Wake up! Anastasia!! She opened her eyes from the call of someone deep in her sleep. The first thing she saw is her room's ceiling. "Thank goodness you are awake!" She looked at Glacia's face and she saw fear and panic! "W-what is happening?" Before she received an answer, she heard multiple explosions outside that bought her in her window to see. "What the.." she backed away from the window when she saw chaos everywhere outside. She looks back to Glacia to ask her what is happening only to find her down on the edge of her bed losing her life. She came rushing to her for aid. "Glacia! Glacia! What happened?" she asked her loud enough to call it screaming as the elder is losing her life in front of her. "H-he sold us" Dizzy, panicking and can't decipher what she is saying she asked again, "What?" "Faramir" She was put to stone when she heard his name. Before she can ask another question, Glacia holds her hand as much as the little strength she has.
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The Last Fairy of Estofidel
Council Room, Royal Palace**"So, discovering the truth of the fairy's origin and a huge possibility of the involvement of the crusaders, as a council, any suggestions from any of you?" asked the Empress. Welcoming any opinions and insight from the nobilities for their next step.After they entered and witnessed Anastasia's past, everyone in the present council knew that the least of the problem is the coup d'etat. They can easily subside and force to submit Valderak's allied forces to the throne as they are outnumbered and will surely beat them with their fighters. The next is the invaders from the neighboring country that belongs to the werewolves, led by the descendant of their first race, Queen Lyca won't push through for now as the Kaliningrad Oblast caters not only to Descovick's but the allied forces from the other Grand nobilities. Even with the power of Imelio-- the first werewolf, she can't just wage war without thinking and analyzing her enemies."You said that Anastasia me
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