New Life with The Goddess

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New Life with The Goddess

By: Godblesz OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Naoto gets an opportunity by the goddess to save the world he must choose an heirloom or power. But naoto's answer took the goddess by surprise. Because Naoto didn't choose between the two, he choose a woman who was none other than the goddess her self. What's next for Naoto story'? Where he must defeat a demon king whose whereabouts are still unknown plus he also has to fight the goddess of darkness and her witches.

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144 chapters
Chapter 1 summonned by the goddess
I don't know what I'm doing here and what I've been doing here is a mystery.At that time, gym class to be exact, I was running around the city to complete a terrible test called, "Practice Exam." But suddenly, a strange circle appeared in front of me and sucked me into it.And Now.I sat on a chair in an all-white room. The atmosphere was so quiet that it made me think of running away quickly but a soft voice shook all those thoughts away."Naoto"She called my name, the woman looked 17 years old with long silver hair, her eyes that were as bright as sky blue looked at me with tenderness. Somehow describing her clear appearance she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met and I know her figure, she must be a Goddess. "Naoto, I'm sorry... from now on your life is over," She said something unreasonable."Wait a minute, I never remember that I died... I was just running and got sucked in here.""Fufu, you're right. Surprisingly you're quite smart."She said something rude innocentl
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Chapter 2 Start a journey with the Goddess
The white room has now turned into a vast meadow. Here I am, with the figure of the goddess who sent me to this world, the Goddess Iris."Eh.."Iris looked around and was confused."Did something happen?""I wanted to move us to the city but where is this..."Iris face looks disappointed. I had to say something right away so she wouldn't be gloomy."It's okay goddess Iris, we just have to find someone and ask her for directions""Even if you say that, there's no one here and also don't call me a goddess, people can misunderstand me, just call me iris."I nodded in approval."I do not regret this situation, instead of being alone with a beautiful woman in a quiet place is the desire of all men."Iris showed me her angry face."If you continue to tease me, you will be punished by me.""If that happens, I won't regret it.""Fufu, you dare too." Iris smiled sweetly which made me blush."By the way iris, you asked for my help to save the world, what is going to happen anyway?""That is a s
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Chapter 3 Meet knight Wielding Excalibur
We arrived at a forest after a long journey, there was a river flowing clear.While holding the spear I tried to hit the swimming fish but as I expected, my spear didn't hit any of them, the fish just walked past me.I can even hear them mocking me as a loser.Iris who was sitting by the river laughed at me."Relying on your own strength? how should I put it… I think, you're the type to die easily.""Please don't say that iris, this is all I did for you, it would be great if you said 'Fighting baby, you can do it' like that.""Never would I say that!" iris turns her face while puffing her cheeks and it looks cute.I looked back at the flow of the river focusing my eyes on my one target then shot my spear that was in my hand.After the hundred and ninety-three trials, my spear finally hit them, although I only got two but this was enough for lunch.In front of the bonfire, plus the sun I think I'll dry my wet clothes faster.Iris who was sitting beside me was enjoying the fish I just c
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Chapter 4 New place
After Eris chanted "Recovery" on me and Sasha, we started our journey. Our destination is the central part of the forest where the elves live. We passed through thickets, thick trees and finally we arrived at the village where the elves lived. We were immediately greeted by some elven women.Little information about this village, all of them are women and children. The men mostly fought on the front lines and never returned.Just how strong the Demon King's army was, was he the type to slaughter all of them without leaving a single one on the battlefield. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.For now let's forget about the demon lord and return to the woman sitting in front of me. She has white bangs, claims to be the village head, her name is Sherin. It is more than 500 years old."It's a shame it happened... we've never heard of a snake entering this area.""Maybe he's after you, Sasha." I said then drank the tea given by the elves. Iris beside me also did the same, she looked
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Chapter 5 Eldia city
The city is neither too big or small but feels like it was in the Middle Ages. Each building looks beautiful, especially on the walls that surround the sides.Eldia city is a city in the east of the Alaegasia continent, including the area of the kingdom of Eragon, where Sasha devoted herself as a female knight, at that time she was 19 years old, a year older than me but she was respected by many people, even people stopped her work for a moment to pay respect to her .A person full of authority, Sasha Alisria Leonhart that is she.Whereas iris is deliberately hiding her true identity so that she can mix with anyone, if she revealed her identity, I'm sure everyone here would be crying happily and it was really troublesome for me."Why are you looking at me like that?""Nothing."Eris pouted, maybe she was disappointed that she thought I would tease her again, but I chose not to.Our carriage entered the residence of the magnificent mansion.Two well-built guards greeted us."Welcome to
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Chapter 6 Afternoon
We arrived at a guild, not only offered a job to take, there was also a bar here.What amazes me all the servants here are all animal ears.At first I didn't intend to go in because I don't like alcohol, but just to see the waiter I guess it's fine."They're from the demi-human race, huh?""Is that so, are you interested?" The one who answered my question was a shoulder-length red-haired woman in a long dress the same color as her hair.I just nodded in response.The woman looks at me and irises, she watches the two of us in turn."Looks like you guys are newcomers, I've never seen you guys before. Can I help you at my guild?""..." Iris and I fell silent and looked at each other."Ah, that's right, I haven't introduced myself yet, my name is Miya Xerospher, the guild leader of this guild."""What a coincidence, my name is naoto and this is iris we both came here wanting to join the guild.""Can you guys use magic?""I'm not sure, but Iris can use healing magic.""I see, those who can
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Chapter 7 Elemental Crsytal
Three days later Iris and I were used to living in the city.Not only leaves, we also sell potions sold by Anya."Please buy this healing and strengthening potion,"Seeing such excited irises makes me happy. Most of our buyers were lower ranked adventurers trying to level up."Thank you for coming, next time come again!""Ya, thank you."It doesn't feel like we've sold bottles during the day."You guys have worked hard," the voice came from a 500 year old elf."Sherin!" I say his name."Want to buy a potion?" I said in response with a wave of his hand."I just stopped by, I bought a lot of food for our new house celebration tonight, I'm here to invite you. You guys will come right?""We're coming," answered Iris."Good, then I'm going, see you tonight.""See you."We only watched Sherin leave from a distance."We'd better go see Anya for some money,"Iris and I headed to Anya's house, not much different from the houses in this town. The house is only medieval European style but what m
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Chapter 8 Guild
This is an elven settlement that has been completed, to the west of Eldia city. Not only the three of us, influential people also came here. the woman was standing to greet."Wow! That woman is very beautiful, you know her?" next to me alice looks excited. Alice was a beautiful succubus but she still had time to compliment others. Was this what he called the humble figure? if true Alice is a beautiful person who is not arrogant, different from my old world.I'm not saying nonsense, this includes my experience, in the old world I was a sad man, I also got rejected by some girls I like because of something called money.Love does not look at the physical but love requires money.My head is spinning when I remember my old memories, I took a deep breath."You don't know who he is? Don't you live here? He's a noble who runs this city.""I just found out, all this time I was not interested in this city."After more than 100 years living here, he doesn't know the nobles here and he has no in
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Chapter 9 Rosaline
the next morning in the peaceful city of eldia, after buying a magic wand for iris we next went to the blacksmith that provides equipment for adventurers, after all we are now a team and should be able to work together against monsters, even if we don't join a guild to earn money at least we can still sell monster materials to merchants and food stalls in town."Welcome, can I help you?"A middle-aged man appeared from behind the shop we visited."We want to see the best equipment, the price doesn't matter," I replied while looking around the shop, Iris and Alice did the same."Hmmm, let me see, I have a good sword, it's just that this sword is a little cursed." said the shopkeeper man as he checked the storage chest."May I take a look first?""This is the sword."I received the sword, it was a black katana, I didn't expect there to be a Japanese sword in this world."Oh, I know that."Iris exclaimed as she drew closer to me, she stared at the item I was holding as if she recognized
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Chapter 10 Attack from ORC
"Fire Bolt!"A fireball shot out from Alice's palm. I watched amazed."Oi, I told you not to use fire magic, we can't sell it if it burns."Listening to me protest, Alice instead smiled proudly."How's my magic? Great isn't it? Look, those bunnies have been burned by my fire."It's useless she didn't hear me at all, I turned my gaze to Rosaline."You lowly beasts, receive vengeance for your sins that troubled the vampire ancestor, Dark Hole!"A black hole eliminates several rabbits. What a mess, I can't even sell a single hunt.Elsewhere, Iris is sitting with an umbrella over her head and enjoying tea. She seemed comfortable with the situation.It seems there's nothing I can expect from the three of them."If you are injured, just come here, I will treat you." said iris."Don't worry, I can't possibly get hurt because of this lowly beast, Dark Thunder!" Now the black lightning slashed all the rabbits."What are you guys doing, because of you we can't sell anything." I scolded them."B
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