The escape

The car moved over a smooth road. At first, they could barely hear anything other than the sound of other cars. With time, they started hearing a variety of sounds; cars, people, and several other things. The car finally stopped and the person it in stepped out.

“Should we get out now?” Sara asked. “I’m tired of being cramped in here.”

“It’s almost as if you prefer to enjoy life at the mansion at the expense of your son,” Rodney shot back.

The stayed put for a while. The person had not made any utterance so they had no idea who it was. After waiting for about five minutes, Rodney felt sure the person was now far away from the car.

“I think we should go,” Rodney said.

“Are you sure about this?” his mother asked.

His heart was pounding hard against his heart and his body was shaking hard. He lifted his hand and pushed the door open. Slowly, he looked out and noticed they were in a quiet parking lot. The van was surrounded by a number of empty cars. Slowly, he stepped out. Standi
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