“Where is my mother?” Rodney asked.

“Dead, as you will be if you continue to pester me.” Alberto Roco said, shamelessly. He walked around the room with his large hands in his pockets. He was a very tall and handsome man but in that moment, Rodney could only see a monster.

“You are a sick man, Alberto Roco. You have me here already. What was the point in killing my mother?”

“You are a man now, stop crying like a little baby. You need to start being more like your brother Rodrigo. Grow some balls.”

“How can you be so heartless? My mother just died but you still keep taunting me. You have taken the most precious thing in my life, and you’re about to take more. You are a monster.”

Alberto sighed. “Ahh whatever. I only came here to inform you that the results came out well. We are a match, son. We will be doing the final round of tests very soon.”

“Go to hell.”

“Alright,” Alberto said and marched out of the room. Rodney paced around not knowing what to do in the bare basement. The door sud
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