The traitor

Andrew dropped Rodney on the bed and walked out immediately. Rodney heard the key turning in the lock as he sunk into an unconscious state. He could feel his brain shutting down and the anguish in his heart. The world soon morphed into darkness as he lost consciousness.

When he came to, after sometime, Rodney weakly looked around the room. It was pitch black, the only light being that which came to from the lights outside. His body was weak and he couldn’t even lift a finger. He was just lying there, staring listlessly at the ceiling when the door opened and Kara, the chef’s assistant walked in with a tray full of delicious food.

She used one hand to turn on the lights forcing Rodney to shut his eyes. He opened them in bits so they could adjust to the bright light. When he fully opened them, he saw Kara setting the food on the table. One of Alberto’s men was standing at the door with a pistol in his hand.

“You turned us in,” Rodney accused. “Your actions led to the death of my moth
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