Criminal heaven


New York City was exactly as Rodney had imagined. Tall buildings, huge traffic, crowded streets and fast moving people. It was spectacular, and he was glad he had made the decision to go there. Time’s square was a hub of activity, filled with businesses and people moving in all directions. Rodney and Harvey stood outside a McDonald’s restraint and watched people as they moved around like millions of ants. They were fascinated by what they were seeing. The movies had not prepared them for the real thing.

“Still can’t believe I’m in the big apple,” Harvey. “Sorry you had to lose your kidney for us to get here but I feel so lucky now. You know that I will always be grateful. I will take care of you, my friend. I have a feeling we will have great success in this city.”

“Me too,” Rodney said. Despite having lost a kidney, he felt normal. Everything seemed to be okay. As long as he followed a healthy lifestyle composed of good healthy food, lots of water, stress management,
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