During the next few weeks, Rodney learnt a lot about running a business. He was only on a sales position, but he watched everyone, and studied how everything was running. During the meetings, he paid attention to know the things that brought profits, and those that lead to losses. He read all the company manuals, policies, and other documents which enlightened him on a lot of things. 

He realised that Gregory was right. If he had started a business without the information he was learning, it wouldn’t have survived. He would have lost a lot of money. Being a quick learner, he knew he would have got everything he needed before the end of the year. He took some entrepreneurship courses, attended workshops and seminars to build skills and gain practical knowledge. With time, he moved on to another company to experience a different environment so he could compare. This was mostly a service company. It provided travel services. 

His friendship with Lilly beca

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