Chapter 14 Scarlet Mist

The eight-mile street was named Bridge Street, for most people who had ever walked down the street would think it was like a bridge to heaven.

As Tolly walked along, he also had such a feeling, for everything was so captivating on the street. Those stalls selling all sorts of snacks were particularly attractive to Tolly. He knew they would all taste awesome. As a real chowhound, he really wanted to try every snack, but his schedule was a little tight at the moment, so he had to hold back for the next time.

George owned a little shop on the street. In fact, he was not allowed to own any shops as a member of the Community Management Office because it was illegal. Yet, all the members of the Office actually owned one, so everyone here in Fanta Mountain just took it for granted.

Of course, they did not have any time to take care of their shops themselves. Normally, they would leave them to their good friends to attend or simply hire a few nice fellows to work for them.

When Tolly arrived
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