Chapter 27 Shopping Again

“Ha-ha! Mr. George Lange, I’m just kidding! Don’t be afraid!” Tolly laughed, shining his eight white teeth, “I’m not a zombie!”

George immediately turned back and found it was true. He fumed with indignation,

“What the hell are you doing? Are you nuts? You’re scaring me to death!! My father used to play such a game when I was a little boy. You’re reminding me of that horrible memory!”

“Don’t be mad with me! See, I’m coming to pay the loan back.” Tolly grinned.

With that, he swiftly took out fifty-two low-grade feather coins from his pocket and stacked them on the counter.

Seeing those coins, George quickly put on a big pleasing smile on his face, saying,

“Great! it never occurred to me that you would come back alive. I thought my investment would go down the drain. You’re my little hero now!!”

George’s helper, the old ugly man Sam, was also surprised that he was able to see Tolly again. While counting the coins on the counter, he said smilingly,

“Since the first time I saw you, I’ve k
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