Chapter 28 The Woman Observer

Tolly jumped on his Sound Sword without any hesitation.

And the sword under his feet carried him to fly in the shop. In a split second, Tolly was taken from one side of the shop to the other before he knew it.

‘It’s fantastic! It surely is as fast as sound.’ Tolly thought, ‘it’s exactly the vehicle I want for traveling. I don’t need to torture my two faithful dogs anymore.’

With that, lowering his head and having a look at his own two feet, he whispered to them happily,

“Thank you for the great efforts you’ve made. You’ve earned your plaudits. I guess in the future you two will have holidays often.”

With that, he had already circled the little shop a few dozen times on the Sound Sword in a second. He was moving so fast by riding on it that the others could not even be able to see him clearly. What they could see was a blurring figure moving like a dazzling silver shadow.

However, it also made George and Sam tremble with fear. It looked as if the silver shadow would bump into the she
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