Chapter 35 Pheonix Flying Technique
Almost at the same time, in the VIP room of the Wesilver school that was a few miles away from Tolly’s hovel, Fanta Lord smelt a rat while he was looking out the window and casting a look at the sky.

He suddenly levitated himself and flew out of the window from his beautifully-decorated mahogany chair. He stood proudly in the sky, making divination with his fingers like a powerful clairvoyant.

“Huh? From the view between heaven and earth, something unusual is happening. It’s coming from the village around here.”

Gaping at him in shock, Mr. Brown and Ms. Harmsworth thought that Fanta Lord must be a Super-level alchemist, for only an alchemist like that could be able to levitate in the air for such a long time.

“What’s going on, my dear Fanta Lord?” asked Mr. Harmsworth softly.

“Look at the sky! It’s going to rain hard. Someone is cultivating by distilling the vital energy straight from the air. It’s a unique way to cultivate. That means it must be the person I’m looking for.”

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