Heroes Adventure

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Heroes Adventure

By: Mukhriz1902 OngoingFantasy

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In a kingdom called Zagary, there's a superhero team consisting of humans who were born with Elemental powers together with fantasy creatures such as mutants, mermaids, fairies, vampires, homunculus, and more. Their objective is to save other kingdoms and even galaxies from falling to a dark side that could make everyone's life suffer. To accomplish it, they have to work together and push aside their differences to make sure the galaxy is in peace. Due to that, this team is being put as the hope and savior of the galaxy, in a team called 'Heroes'.


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32 chapters
Chapter 1: The Prologue
The year is 2025.There's a planet in the galaxy far away from our Mother Earth universe called Planet Mepra. On that planet, there's a kingdom called Zagary, where its people live in peace and harmony. It's because Zagary made a pact with most of the planets and kingdoms near them to prevent any war or battle happened. That's why Zagary is a peaceful kingdom in the whole galaxy.But it all changed when the Royal Family of Zagary have their kids, and all of them are a bit different than the other kids in the kingdom. Why? It's because their kids have Elemental powers, and each of them has specific Elemental powers!King William and Queen Maria have 2 kids, which are Prince Benjamin that was born with Thunder elemental power, and Princess Cally that was born with Plant elemental power. Meanwhile, Peterson and Sally, which are the Royal Treasurer of Zagary, also have 2 kids, which is Adeline that was born with Air elemental power, and Adam that was born with Fire elemental power. Anders
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Chapter 2: Mutation
It's the year 2026 and it's been a year since Sam's parents passed away, but still, Sam, Leah, and Athena know that their parents are always with them and they have moved on with their life.One day, Queen Maria calls out Heroes for a meeting. They are also joined by Suzy and David, their best friends that are close to the Royal Family and Heroes. Suzy is the daughter of Zagary's Ministry of Science & Technology which is Mr. Wilhelm, while David is the son of Dr. Bill, the most popular tech inventor and doctor in Zagary."Hello everyone. I'm calling all of you here because our safety force found something related to Gruven. They are making a substance called the Mutagen, which can mutate someone into a creature or monster. If we don't stop this, then our kingdom will be in great danger. All of you have to work together and find a way to stop Gruven's plan", explained Queen Maria."Wait...our father killed the Gruven's leader. Why does Gruven still exist?", asked Athena."Sis, they mus
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Chapter 3: Love Comes & Goes
5 years later, in the year 2031, Sam and his team are already aged 21 and some of them are 20. This year, Sam, Leah, Adeline, Iris, and Benjamin are already last year studying at the university while Athena, Zack, Adam, and Cally left one more year to study before graduation. They also not only focus on studying but still join sports activities like gymnastics, cheerleading, football, and netball. After they have done their academic class or sports training, they will start their duty as their royal employee which is Royal Secretary & Treasurer and even the Prince & Princess too. "Sigh, time flies fast right? We didn't realize that we're going to graduate soon", said Sam to Leah. "Yeah. It's like we just studying for a month and then we're going to graduate the next month", said Leah. "Bro, sis! I almost forgot to tell you both that David and Suzy asked us to go to David's house this evening", said Athena. "Really? If like that, we should return to the castle and suit up", said Sa
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Chapter 4: Long Lost Brother
It's been a month since Suzy passed away. Everyone still can't forget about her, but still, they can move on with their life.One day, after Sam comes back from his work at the castle, Sam saw that his wife, Iris was upset and looked like she is thinking about something."Hey darling, are you okay?", asked Sam."Oh, honey! I'm okay", said Iris."Are you sure? Looks like you're upset.""No, I'm okay, honey.""I know you're lying. Just tell me what disturbing your mind.""Sigh. I'm thinking about someone. Someone very important to me and my mother.""Who is it? Your late father?""No, well yes I missed him. It's about...my brother.""What? I thought you were the only child in the family.""Actually no. I have an older brother. His name is Ian. He was a soldier that fights during the Zagary-Gruven war. He was also the famous earth master in my village before I became a famous earth master. My mom never tells you about this?""Nope, she didn't tell me.""Well, I will tell you. He was born
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Chapter 5: Mermaid
One day, when Leah is at a lake alone to relieve her mind from all her work at the castle, suddenly she heard a girl crying at the lake and Leah saw a girl lying down at the edge of the lake. She then later went to the girl."Hey, why are you crying?", asked Leah to the girl.Leah was then shocked to see the girl's condition. The girl's skin is torn and also what makes Leah shocked is that she's a mermaid."Are you...a mermaid?", asked Leah."Yes. But I'm really in pain right now. I can't go back home", said the girl and she cried."What's your name? My name is Leah", said Leah."My name is Princess Naomi from Cearus. You can call me Naomi. Could you please help bring me to the nearest hospital?", asked Naomi."Sure, Naomi. But....", Leah stopped talking and think how to bring her because she is a mermaid."Oh, don't worry. I can transform into a human", said Naomi.She then later transforms herself into a human but her condition is still the same as when she became a mermaid."Let's
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Chapter 6: Fairy
One day in Zagary castle, Queen Maria and her children's received a visitor from a kingdom called Yocan."Your Highness. I'm Princess Phoebe, the Fairy Princess. I'm on behalf of my mother from Yocan want to meet the leader of a team here called Heroes", said Phoebe."Oh, so you want to meet our cousin, Sam?", asked Cally."Sam? Is that the leader of the Heroes team?", asked Phoebe."Yes. I will call him to come here", said Benjamin.Ben then called Sam and his sisters to the Conference Room."Your highness, is there anything that you want to discuss until you call us?", asked Sam."Sam, there is someone who wants to meet you", said Queen Maria."Hello, Sam. I'm Phoebe, the Fairy Princess from Yocan. I need your help to save our kingdom from danger", said Phoebe."It's nice to meet you, Phoebe. This is my sisters, Leah and Athena. What happened to your kingdom?", asked Sam."My kingdom is being attacked by a kingdom called Gruven. They even trapped my sister, Ally. One day when my tea
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Chapter 7: Ballet
One day, Sam, Leah, and Athena are performing in a competition called the Zagary Talents Show that will be witnessed by thousands of people in the hall and also it's being live broadcast too."I still remember this situation years ago. Do you guys remember?", asked Athena."Yes, we do sis. You're very nervous to enter this competition until you fight with your rival, Wanda and finally you both be friends in the end", said Sam."Yeah, I still remember that. I lost in the semi-final to you both, after that you both argue until Mr. James witnessed and chose you to have a dance with the principal ballerina", said Leah."Yeah, I also still remember that. Sigh, I'm pretty sad that Wanda can't join since she's not feeling well and have to forfeit from the competition", said Athena."It's okay, sis. At least you've done your best until you're in this stage again twice. I believe if Wanda or Mommy is here, they must be proud of you, sis", said Sam."Yeah. I wish Mommy is here so that she can w
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Chapter 8: The Ultimate Battle
One day, Sam urgently called up his Heroes team members for a meeting. He seems so terrified."Bro, what's wrong? Are you okay?", asked Athena."No, sis. I...I have the worst nightmare yesterday, and I was scared if my nightmare becomes true, it's all over", said Sam."Wait, what? What do you mean "your nightmare will become true", brother?", asked Leah."He's having this nightmare which shows that our galaxy is ruined and conquered by Carla last night", said Iris."Yeah. Another thing that I was scared of inside the nightmare is you all blamed me because I didn't grant my promise to bring peace to all galaxies and you all started to hate me including my sisters and my wife", said Sam.Last night, when Sam and Iris are both sleeping, Sam was having a creepy nightmare. The explanations of the nightmare are already being told. Sam was somehow tired and weak in the nightmare and all of his friends, siblings, and even his wife are dead. After that, he saw Carla laugh evilly and say to him
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Chapter 9: The Past Secrets
10 years ago, Sam, Leah, and Athena are aged 12 and 11. One day, when they all want to take a nap, their parents come to look at them."Why you three haven't slept yet?", asked Anderson."We still not sleepy yet, daddy", said Athena."Hmm, you should sleep now. Tomorrow you have school right?", said Julia."Aww...but I want to play", said Athena."Hmm...if like that I want to tell you three a bedtime story", said Anderson."Bedtime story? I love bedtime stories!", said Athena."What story do you want to tell us, daddy?" asked Sam."A story about a forest which is called Magical Forest", said Anderson."Honey, is this the right time to tell them about this?", asked Julia."I think it's time for them to know", said Anderson.Later, Sam, Leah, and Athena are laying down on their bed to hear their father's story."One day, your grandfather, the King's father, and I found a forest in our kingdom, so we went to a village in a forest, and outside of the village, I saw 9 rock monuments that s
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Chapter 10: Backstabber
One day, Sam received a message to meet up with the new Elemental Masters, which are now led by the kids of the previous Elemental Masters. Sam decided to bring his wife, Iris, and his sisters, Leah and Athena, along with their partners, David and Zack to meet up with the Masters at a kingdom called Solaris. When they arrived at Solaris Castle, they're being greeted by the new Solar Master and Princess of Solaris, Princess Ryna, who is also to be Sam's old friend from primary school. "Welcome guys! I'm glad all of you received our message", said Ryna. "Ryna?! It's been so long! How are you?!", said Sam. "Sam! I'm fine. Yeah, it's been so long since we didn't meet each other. I think the last time was when we finished primary school?" "Yeah, and then you have to go back to Solaris to learn on to administrate your kingdom. Anyways, are you the new Elemental Master? Since when?" "Well, after my father passed away, I'm the one in charge of Solaris, and also the descendent of the Elem
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