Chapter 42 At the Maria's
“Perhaps all of you are too young. I bet you’ve never heard about the four assistants of Fanta Lord—Wind, Fire, River and Sea. They all have their own unique weapons. And you know, River has the most unique weapon among them of course.” Peggy enthused.

“Oh? Never heard of it before!” Please tell us more.” the people around her murmured, all lost in their thoughts.

“That’s quite normal for all of you because your ranks are too low. You know his weapon, the big copper brush is actually called Takeaway Brush, which means it could take away almost anyone to the hell with a stroke of this brush. Just like a Judge, it’ll brush away one’s name from the Book of Life.”

“That’s incredible!” someone gasped in disbelief.

“And you know, it weighs at least ten tons. Even our school president Mr. Brown, or his father, or his grandfather, who are all Master-level alchemists, are not able to lift it, much less use it as a weapon. I guess you guys may never be able to lift it, either. Not in your wi
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