Chapter 49 Soul Beast
“Fire elemental alchemist? I’m not, but I’ll burn you to ashes.” Tolly sneered.

Tolly lost no time sending the ball of fire in his hand straight at the Rainbow Ice Ball wrapped around Kevin. On its way to hit the ice ball, the ball of fire quickly transformed into a beautiful golden fire phoenix.

When it met the ice ball, the phoenix spurted a big fire out of its mouth. Since the fire was the innate enemy of ice, there was a violent explosion that caused the temperature in the air to go up and down in a second.

Soon, Kevin was not in the protection of the Rainbow Ice Ball, because there was a big hole on it which was caused by the fire phoenix.

Kevin felt hotter and hotter. Finally, he could stand the heat and try to get out of the Rainbow Ice Ball.

Without the protection of his defensive weapon, Kevin began to get a little bit nervous. Tolly noticed that, so he acted quickly by launching his Nine Tigers Without Regrets again. Before Kevin could come up with a new strategy to deal
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