Chapter 51 Good News
Actually, Tolly had had no other good friends except for Sally. Now he had Luna, who at least was his friend now. As for Peggy, he didn’t know whether he could value her as a good friend or not at the moment.

When other students all looked at him, Tolly didn’t feel at ease, for he didn’t want to be watched like an animal in the zoo. Now as others knew that he, as a bottom-of-the-barrel student, had broken through to level four (though he was actually at level five), they all got curious about how he made it.

While they were keeping staring at him with curiosity, Ms. Harmsworth suddenly came into the classroom. Instantly, a short silence reigned among them.

Ms. Harmsworth, who looked slender and elegant, scanned the class quickly, and finally, her eyes fell on Tolly.

“Go with me, Tolly McCoy! our distinguished guest Fanta Lord and our school president all want to see you.”

In a minute, the silence was broken by the whispers of other students, who all wondered why Fanta Lord and the
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