Chapter 54 Win the Bet
However, deep down, Mr. Tony Rhodes thought to himself,

“How could it possible to ask me to forgive this bastard? He dared to slap my nephew in the face before me. I’ll have to get him to pay a big price for it.”

He looked at Luna and Peggy, and then said with a hypocritical smile,

“You two are right. As long as he can apologize to me, I’ll definitely forgive him. But you know, it seems Tolly’s really tired and wants to go home for a break, why not give him a chance?”

And then he smiled and winked at his nephew once again, suggesting this time he was surely going to teach the little punk a lesson.

“Don’t worry, Luna and Peggy. You should have confidence in me. Just wait and see. A fantastic play is on! Mr. Tony Rhodes, let’s begin!”

“Okay,” Mr. Tony Rhodes replied quickly.

And then he quickly jotted down the most difficult question on the blackboard. There were so many peculiar mathematical symbols that few students could read the question.

In a minute, different voices could b
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