Chapter 70 Puppet Manipulation

Three or four minutes later, the Heavenly Fire Leopard shrank to a smaller size since all its vital energy went into Tolly’s body.

Tolly felt hotter than before when the warm stream of vital energy circulated in his body continually.

With a glance at the data on the screen before his eyes, he found that his points of vital energy reached a new high. He smiled happily, quite pleased with the gift Frank Rock had given him.

Now that the shrunken Heavenly Fire Leopard was still useful for its hide, he mumbled something in his mouth,

“Dear Infinite Space Pack, I love you. Please collect what I want to collect in my mind, Abracadabra!”

With a swoosh, the Leopards swiftly went into his Infinite Spack Pack.

‘Good,’ Tolly thought, “Perhaps I can go home now.’

So, he decided to talk a walk home. However, he thought it might be boring to stay at home. After all, he had nothing to do but cultivate if he was at home.

‘Why not go to the first hunting ground and have a mock myself before my cultivat
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