Chapter 77 Fight with Lightning Cat
A few minutes later, hundreds of his bee soldiers came back with a glittering thing.

“Good! You all did a good job. I’m sure the Yellow Tiger is now a pile of bones now.”

The bees buzzed louder than before, looking as if they were excited to hear the compliments from their master.

Needless to say, the glitter thing must be the iron-stone heart of the Yellow Tiger. He was glad to put it into his Infinite Space Pack because it was a valuable tonic that could be used to enhance his agility a thousand times.

“Now come into your beehive. I’ll take all of you with me.” Tolly ordered.

After all the bees buzzed into their beehive, Tolly mumbled something quietly,

“Dear Infinite Space Pack, I love you. Please collect what I want to collect in my mind, Abracadabra!”

With a swoosh, the beehive went into his Infinite Space Pack instantly.

Tolly was glad that now he had so many helpers to protect him.

He looked around the Golden Sunapple Tree, but he didn’t find anything valuable again. By
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