The Mind World And The Outcast Hero

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The Mind World And The Outcast Hero

By: Prince_nonchalant OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Due to a painful past, Nathan has dreamt of becoming a hero. However, in reality, he is nothing more than an average teenager in an average world. On his 16th birthday, his fate is changed when he and his two best friends (Sindy and Andrew) are summoned to a world known as the Mind World. Nathan quickly comes to bear the title of the Mind Hero and is tasked with the duty of saving the world from its impending chaos. However, Nathan soon comes to realize that the people of the Mind World hate the people of the Real World (The world where he's from). The Real World summons dangerous monsters known as Demon Beasts to the Mind World that constantly wreak havoc, making life in the Mind World a living hell. Due to this, many people of the Mind World wish to see the Real World and everyone from it destroyed. Now Nathan and his friends must go through a perilous journey to save both the Mind and Real Worlds, battling Demon Beasts, villains, and even Angels and gods. I will also be posting this story on Royal Road.

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Hello readers! Thank you for taking the time to check this book out. Before you get into reading this book, I believe that I should point out a few things about the MC (Nathan).First, I believe it's important for you to know that even though Nathan has aspirations of becoming a hero, it's not to the point where he becomes super optimistic and believes he can save everyone. He's more like the MC that does his best to do what he believes is right. He rarely cares what anyone thinks about him but he isn't necessarily a cold character either (though there will be instances in the story that makes him look cold). Throughout the story, Nathan will be confronted by different scenarios that result in him questioning if heroes are real or not. To put it simply, Nathan goes through A LOT. At some points in the story, he'll look like a hero, others he will look like an anti-hero, and other times a downright villain. It's up to you as the reader to determine whether or not
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A Strange Day
Arc 1: The Tragic HeroOne would care to be lost in imagination trying to solve the mysteries that the world holds. Whether it be; how it started, how it ends, and even the meaning that the world held before its pending demise. The very meaning behind the world's existence can plague one's mind to insanity. But what is the world? Is it a place specially designed for humans to thrive? No, far from it! Yet humans foolishly believe this lie bestowed upon them by these lazy 'gods'. A world similar to that of the humans mirrors their own. A world that swims in chaos, confusion, and blood. This world is known as the Mind World."Nathan!!!"Nathan was suddenly kidnapped from his sleep by a loud squeaky voice, which had scared him, resulting in him falling from his bed.He looked up to see a 13-year-old girl dressed in pink pajamas who had mousy drab, mid-brown hair, and pale brown eyes."Ow... geez, Liz! Could you not wake me up so obnoxiously?!" Complained
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A Strange World
Pain echoed through Nathan's unconscious body. The lightning bolt seemed to have paralyzed him momentarily. He groaned unconscious, searching for a moment of relief as distant-like voices called out to him"Nate! Nate! Nathan! Wake up, please!!"Echoed a familiar voice. The voice was soothing and reminded Nathan of warm milk and cheese but it wasn't quite enough to wake him up."Damn it, let me do it!" Complained another familiar voice— this time that of a male's.The sound of a slap then quickly followed as Andrew's hand kissed Nathan's face immediately bringing him back to consciousness."Ouch, son of a... ugh!!!" Screamed Nathan as he grasped his cheek in pain."Nate! Thank goodness you're ok!"Exclaimed Sindy with relief as she hugged him tightly."Sindy, please... I need... air..!"Reluctantly, Sindy released Nathan to give him some space to breathe. She was happy he was alive but wished he was more appreciative of her
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The Mind World
After what had felt like an eternity of walking, they had finally made it out of the forest. They had stepped into a beautiful area filled with flowing rivers that sparkled under the moonlight. The scene was complemented by a variety of gorgeous sweet-scented flowers and other tiny animal-like creatures that were roaming through the grassy plain. The most beautiful part was a waterfall that was flowing peacefully down a cliffside which made the view even more stunning.Slowly, the group then began to approach the waterfall before Amanda signaled them to stop."Why did we stop? Nathan can't take much more of this. His leg is getting worse..." Complained, Sindy."Not to worry... We're here!" Replied Leo.Andrew looked around intently as he did not see anything except the peaceful waterfall a few feet before them, "Uh, I don't see anything..."Amanda and Leo then moved towards the waterfall before placing their hands gently against the flowing water. To eve
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Nathan, Sindy, and Andrew were all patiently waiting for Alondo to return. His proposal from the previous night was the only thing that they could think about. They still knew so little about the Mind World, yet they were already being offered a seemingly complex job."So, what do you guys think about the captain's proposal..?" Asked Nathan."I don't know... I'm trying not to think about it too much. I'm sure he'll explain when he gets here," replied Sindy, playing with her dead smartphone."Man, our phones are the only thing we have to remind us of the Real World, huh?" Queried Andrew with a topic change."Sadly, they don't even work anymore. They malfunction as soon as we even try to turn them on..." Complained Nathan bitterly.A sudden knock then pierced the ears of the three friends interrupting their conversation."May I come in?" Asked a familiar voice from behind the door."Yeah, come on in," prompted Nathan.The door then
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Spirit Energy
After finishing breakfast, Andrew, Sindy, and Nathan arrived at the training room with the aid of their new phones.Upon arriving, they noticed it was filled with many dome-shaped structures that seemed to be used for training purposes. The domes had glass ceilings and white metallic walls that were aesthetically pleasing to the eyes."So these are the newbie assassins Alondo told me about..!" Suddenly exclaimed a cool deep voice from behind. "...The girl looks like an annoying brat, the blonde kid looks dumb, and that last one is a twig..."The friends then turned around to see a tall muscular man around his early thirties. He wore dark sunglasses with a huge cigarette perched against his lips. He had a slightly shaved beard, black spiky hair with faded sides, an army-green jacket with camouflage pants, and big leather boots."Uh— who are you..?" Asked Sindy curiously.Instead of responding, the man rudely placed his massive hand on top of Nat
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The First Pain
Sindy was almost unable to avert her eyes. She keenly watched as Nathan changed into his new AA uniform for the mission. Over the past month of intense training, Nathan had been working hard and the had results began to show on his body. He had abs developing on his stomach, his chest was much firmer, and his arms were just the perfect size. It was almost a miracle how much he had transformed over such a short period."What's wrong, princess? You seem lost all over Nate's body," teased Andrew to Sindy."Shut up Andrew..! I just spaced out a little...""I bet you're spacing out in more than one way in that head of yours... Hehe..."Sindy then picked up her bag and began to walk out of the room. She didn't know why, but recently she started becoming extremely frustrated whenever Andrew teased her about Nathan."Just mind your own business..."Sindy knew Andrew was just trying to look out for her in his own silly way but she did not need it. Inst
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Sindy And Andrew
Both Sindy and Andrew were barely holding on. Their enemy, whom they referred to as the, Beast Controller was very powerful. They now understood what Instructor Brady had meant when he had warned them about being overconfident. Their enemy was a very powerful opponent."Aagh!!" Screamed Andrew in pain— a solid kick had landed in his stomach almost tossing him into a nearby wall."Andrew, are you okay?!" Asked Sindy worriedly."Yeah... He managed to land a hit on me but I managed to block it just in time. It's just the knockback that hurt..."The Beast Controller grinned like a maniac with a red metal scythe placed calmly on his shoulder. He was of medium complexion with dark brown eyes, shaggy black hair, and a nasty scar present on his right cheek. He also wore a tattered brown cloak which had just made him look even crazier."Are you kid's done already? That's a shame because I'm just getting started!" He laughed."Who the hell are y
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 Approximately one minute before Nathan arrived to fight the Beast King..."What's your name?" Asked Nathan to the little girl."M-my name is, Rosie...""Okay Rosie, my name is Nathan. I'm going to leave you right here in this small alleyway. It's not easy to find so you should be safe. Stay here and don't come out until I come back to get you, okay?""N-no! That's what my parents said and they didn't come back! Please, don't leave me too!!""I promise that I'll come back. I won't leave you nor allow anyone to hurt you. You've got my word! Heroes never break their promises."Nathan then smiled warmly before extending his pinkie towards Rosie, "Pinkie promise, okay?""Okay!" She smiled. "Pinkie promise!"Rosie was now feeling a sense of reassurance from Nathan's words. She believed that he would return to help her as he promised, "Where are you going?"Nathan's face then hardened as he answered;"I'm going to he
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Nathan sat on his bed staring blankly through the infirmary window. A third plate of breakfast remained beside him untouched for the third day. The battle against the Beast King had left him broken in many ways.His face was pale and bags sat underneath his eyes. He hadn't slept or eaten since the mission. Sindy and Andrew were also left in a depressing state. Thankfully, they weren't nearly as bad as Nathan."It's been three days and he hasn't even uttered a word, Andrew... He doesn't eat, sleep, or talk to anyone..! I-I don't know what I'm supposed to do for him!" Cried, Sindy."I'm sure he'll be fine eventually, princess!" Said Andrew with a smile. "Just give him some time and he'll be back to normal before you know it!""I don't understand how you can be so optimistic after what happened... After we were knocked unconscious, that monster killed everyone in the village... He didn't even spare the children!"Andrew then gave a short laug
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