Lesson 81 Test Results
A few minutes later, more students were tested for their cultivation talents, but they were all below A-level talent.

“Jeremy Short, a medium-grade B-level talent for cultivation,” announced Ms. Harmsworth in her business-like voice, “Next please.”

The next one that was going to take the test was Luna. She looked a little bit nervous as she kept twiddling her thumbs.

“Hey, what are you doing, Luna?” asked Ms. Harmsworth.

“Sorry, Ms. Harmsworth,” said Luna apologetically, “I suppose I’ve got butterflies in my stomach.”

“Don’t worry,” Ms. Harmsworth comforted, “You’ve always been a good student. I’m sure you’ll have good talent.”

Luna nodded and gradually put one of her hands on the crystal ball.

Soon the crystal ball was starting to glow with a bright red light that bedazzled almost everyone’s eyes.

Ms. Harmsworth smiled and happily announced,

“Luna Truss, a high-grade A-level talent for cultivation. Congratulations!”

Fanta Lord looked at her and nodded, seemingly quite please
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