Ultimate Power Holder

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Ultimate Power Holder

By: Meoisi OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In every world we see that power is the source for everything Power is present in novels which have romance and power is present in novels and comics which are based on it. When power is devided it gave rise to certain loopholes. Those loopholes in terms gives rise to a a power check between the ruler and ruled. Everything the ruler says is right and the ruled are the ones to bow before the will. Planet Liva is no different from that game. The power abuse gave rise to a protestant class will their leader be able to turn tables or will he become one of them.

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30 chapters
The Beginning of this struggle
.5000 years ago a meteorite fall onto the planet known as Liva .That meteorite led to the destruction of the original inhabitants there.Those inhabitants were very much like humans and were slowly going towards their technological evolution but fate has something else in store for that.The inhabitants who survived were transformed mysteriously and automatically their structure altered although their physical appearance remained same .A mana Crest was formed inside them and slowly three races emerged having different types of power."Afralnal race"that race was given the power to control all the elements of that planet and they can also use transportation. "Midson race "the ones who have psychological and telepathic power but they were weak compared to the afralnal race and only a few among them has the highest level of power to serve the purpose and slowly they became the supporters of afralnal race."Cyncon race"that race has the power to heal and actually came to known as the "M
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The Entagled Fate
7 years has passed since both the boys were born .Both of them were born at the same day but they have so differnt sort of ubringment.(Rigid city - Another slum for the normal people- Liva)"Hoarse ,hoarse "somebody called ."Where are you child "that voice said."No-Not again he cant be"said that voice in a trembling manner."Wow this forest is so beautiful why does father always forbids me from coming here"said a cute female voice with silky brown hairs ,tiny limb and hands and a fair skin with a attractive look .Someone could already tell that this little boy belongs to some kind of royal family and that he could be compared with the prince of Liva.Sadly that was not the case and if one could look at the boy's arms they could find red Mark's which were formed from some kind of beatings. "Dad always ask me to stay home and not go outside"said the boy and a gloom surrounded his face.He continued " All the other boys of the nearby village also refused to play with me and say tha
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The ultimate Shock
(Ridgid city- Live,The house of Hoarse father)."It's been 3 hours since he left, '' said the horse father while walking down the floor worriedly." No they can't find him ,I ... I need to find him" He thought while putting on his sweater as the forest air is cold at night.He also took up a small toy. It was a baby panda toy and waving his hands on the thing he said " Baby father will come to rescue you just be safe."As soon as he opened the door he found that some people in black robes and black cloaks wearing masks on their faces were standing at the door waiting for the door to open."Wh..who are you?" he said while moving some steps back to find his dragger.He was aware that they are not common people and that something big must have happened. "So are you that boy's father?" said the leader of their group. He immediately knew that horse was in danger, hence without wasting time he put back his hand a light beam erupted from it becoming some gaseous substance ,there were few w
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The Beginning of his new life
"Hey everybody there's fire coming out from the outskirts area." Shouted someone .He was coming back from his work when he saw smoke coming out from the outskirts of the city ."Fire" how can there be a fire? It was alright yesterday and now suddenly there's a fire. Everyone was surprised. They thought of going there and checking what's the matter ? Hoarse was preparing to leave when he heard some footsteps coming towards their hut's direction, he was alarmed because he knew that those who had murdered his father may be coming back to seize him as he was told by the stranger that his father was killed because of his power ranking.Hoarse was aware that his father also had magic like him but he didn't know what type of magic his father had.So he believed that they were coming back and hence Hoarse just drew his dagger out from his sheath that he attached to his waist."The dagger,"said Hoarse while looking at it, "will it be enough to protect myself." That dagger was the only th
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Conflict of power
"I will return here , after I become strong just wait for me killer" said Hoarse ,looking back at the path before entering the portal…15 years later…."Misty, hurry up,hurry up we will be late !otherwise ." Said a young girl while running towards her friend." Lara , " said Misty. " I know we have to hurry up. Where are my shoes? " said Misty to Lara while looking for her shoes.There was a melodious sound coming from the main city of Liva . It was like Angel's descended there and a beautiful atmosphere was created."Hmmm…laaaa." A song was here , someone was signing a beautiful tune." Today I will be the most beautiful lady and the crown prince will choose me." A girl thought while putting up on her best gown .The gown was purchased from the best tailor shop.In Fact there were hardly any beautiful gowns or dresses left in the city today and where were those beautiful dresses gone? They were all displayed in the beautiful bodies of the maidens who were all preparing themselves and
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New arrival of Someone
(Roll Land,Royal palace.)(Planet Liva).Various noises were coming from that large banquet hall . It was like the whole planet had assembled into that hall. The hall was not only big but had several magic doors and rooms from which different categories of guests could enter and the rooms were there for the guests to rest and some were for secret guards who entered as guards and were controlling people's behaviour. "MY Dress !Is it alright?"somebody asked her friend. "You know, it's the first time civilians will meet the crown prince."somebody said in an excited voice while barely stopping herself from jumping."Somebody, please! Just tell me that I am not dreaming ." A girl wearing a red gown pinched herself while telling her mother this .All the ladies were wearing some silky and beautiful gowns .It felt like all the colours of the rainbow descended from heaven and were assembled into that beautiful golden lit hall.If that was not enough of a scene then when different types of l
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Mysterious Person
"I will not repeat , Tell me your purpose. " said Livioun again while clutching the jaw of that boy with his hands.(The dark room- Royal palace Liva.)Livioun used a little bit of magic to let the pain of fire rumble down the body of that injured boy and especially to his injured arm."Ah," , "Ah" shouted the boy he was feeling immense pain but that doesn't matter to The Crown prince because He is used to seeing people shouting like this while being tortured. "So , does it hurt or shall I increase the mana?" Said Livioun looking at the boy who was almost on the verge of death because of the inhuman pain."My prince , please! Stop ." Said that boy in a trembling voice .He barely managed to speak under the torture but if he hadn't spoke ,then it might already be the end for him."Yo..High..ss, I..I just wanted to protect you." Said He , while his breathing almost stopped from the intense pressure ."Protect me , can't even protect yourself." Smirked the crown Prince as he intensifie
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Double Roles
"So ,why didn't you kill him ?" Asked Sein .(The Prince Throne Room - planet Liva.)The room was as dark as the entrance of a black hole . Things were visible but only because of a crystal 'mana ball' present there and it was giving a strong vibe ."None of your business !" Said the crown prince in a pissed voice. His back was turned and it seemed like he was in deep thought .He himself was shocked by his behaviour today and couldn't make out why he did that? Most importantly, what was that memory? .There were a lot of questions lingering in his head and he felt like his energy was not stable."Liv , I think you shouldn't think much . Your energy doesn't feel stable. " said Sein while he started summoning some kind of mana into his hands .His slender hands were filled with a bluish , liquid kind of mana and the mana was gathering at his hands taking a whirlwind shape.Then suddenly he targeted the prince and started hitting his back with the mana. The strange thing was that ,The
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The Mysterious Attack
"You will regret it. " said the knight while he went on his way accompanied with coughs.(The Dungeon - Planet Liva)It was past 1 p.m when everyone was sleeping . It was the time for the guards to change their shifts and other guards would enter.Suddenly a ball of smoke was put outside the dungeon and everyone present there slowly, slowly fainted."Hey, look their is something happening." The other guards said as they ran towards that direction. All the guards went that way and that boy was left all alone, he was injured and could hardly move.Suddenly footsteps towards the prison could be heard and some mysterious figures wearing black assassins clothes came down slowly towards the dungeon. The boy could hear them but he could hardly do anything as he lost a lot of blood and was now weak."Who are you show yourself?" Shouted the boy with all his strength that he could gather at that moment.The three figures wer standing in front of him with swords, and wands . They waited a bit
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Meeting with the Strange Boy
"Ah ahh" the boy opened his eyes as he woke up and turned to make sure he was still in the palace.(The throne room of the crown prince) (Royal palace, Liva)."So, you are finally awake."asked the crown prince .The boy looked up and saw in the dim light of the room a tall figure sitting on a throne, his legs crossed and his eyes emitting aura.He was sitting with his head tilted a bit in his hand.The position alone was enough for people to get scared ,let alone the majestic look and his aura."If you ask me like this, then I better faint again."murmured the boy ,he thought only he was able to hear his thoughts . "So, you do find me scary." Said the crown prince as he smirked.The boy was surprised and scared at the same time to find that the crown prince could hear his low murmur then he realised that his 'mana' was burnt and the crown prince could hear his voice without his power. "I was planning to interrogate you tomorrow but guess I have no choice." Said the crown prince
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