Chapter 87 Win the First Round
Carl drove his vital energy into his hand and soon some ice needles appeared.

With a push, he sent out all his needles toward Jacob.

To Tolly’s surprise, Carl was also an ordinary ice-element alchemist.

When both of their needles met halfway, there was a loud explosion. All the ice needles burst into small pieces and were shattered in every direction onto the floor of the Saircraft.

“Wow, it’s a good show,” Fanta Lord smiled while watching the fight intently.

For a moment, no one could have an upper hand in the fight. It seemed they would be tied, but all of a sudden, Jacob took out a long staff from nowhere and smashed it heavily at Carl.

Carl had to block his smash with his arms.

Carl was soon hurt by the smashes, with a lot of bruises on his arms.

“Catch it, Carl!” shouted Tolly while throwing his own Golden Staff to Carl,

Carl turned around, jumping into the sky, and grabbed Tolly’s Golden Staff in his hand instantly.

Jacob smashed harder than before. Yet, Carl didn’t nee
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