Chapter 103 Asked For More Intel
Fanta Lord smiled and said jokingly,

“Okay. It looks like you’ve got so many good friends here. Young man, take it easy and relax. With so many girls around you, you will be too busy,” said Fanta Lord, suddenly laughing uncontrollably.

Tolly flushed red to his ears.

“Actually, I haven’t given much thought to it,” explained Tolly with a red face.

“No explanation, Tolly,” Fanta Lord still laughed, “Explanations would make things worse, ha-ha… I’ve been down the road, you know.”

“But…” Tolly wanted to say more, but he was interrupted by Fanta Lord.

“All right, Tolly. I’ll see you around at Fanta Castle in a month. Hope you can save your dear Sally successfully. I’ve got something else important to do now, for the Altered have already started to invade us with the support of demonic beasts. I have to report this to our king.”

With that, they didn’t even wave goodbye to Tolly and quickly hit on the road.

Watching them leave, Tolly started to conceive his plan to go to the Pole Cold
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