Chapter 107 Fiona Dragon

Luna raised her head and saw another spirit beast flying in the sky.

“See, that is my brother Jeremy Uniteranodon, Luna,” said Ginger excitedly, “I think it likes you.”

It looked like Ginger but had a different color. Ginger was grey while Jeremy was Pink.

“Well, I like it, too. Pink is my favorite color,” said Luna happily.

It quickly dashed toward Luna and came to a halt in front of her. With a flick of its wings, it easily got Luna on its back.

“Sit tight,” said Jeremy in the same husky voice as Ginger, “I’ll give you the first training course-flying together with me.”

“Hello, Jeremy, my name is Luna,” said Luna happily, “Nice to meet you.”

“You, too. I think you’re the girl that I have always been waiting for,” said Jeremy while taking her to fly in the sky, leaving Tolly alone on the ground.

“But Jeremy, how do you know I’m the girl you have been waiting for?” asked Luna in surprise.

“Well, I can tell that from the smell of your vital energy. I like the smell of your vital energy
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