Fate of the Cursed One

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Fate of the Cursed One

By: lon_okami OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A boy, whom even the grace of nature had abandoned, strived to survive in the world. Existing as an anomaly, that even he couldn’t consider himself a human anymore. Asking the question who he was and what his purpose was in the accursed world, which after all, had no place for a person like, he continued to spend his days with the coldness in his heart. Until one day, by the twist of fate, a noble family takes him in after a really terrible accident and starts to look after him. Was that a sign of his cursed fate was finally changing? Or was it the start of a completely new life for him with unknown twists waiting for him? Will he finally understand what his purpose was? ... Discord: lon_okami#9417


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Chapter 1: The Final Call of Judgement - Part 1
As far as I could see with my half-open eyes, there was nothing but darkness all around me. I was walking endlessly in a straight line, but the path wasn't ending at all.The muffled screams of several children, their blood-curdling cries for help as they were on the verge of death. I could feel a warm liquid trickling down my arms, but I couldn't tell what it was in the dark.Suddenly the lights turned on, as everything around me was visible, and sense dread was supposed to set upon me, but I couldn't help but feel anything at the sight presented in front of my eyes.The bodies of children, with twisted arms and legs lying around, as some were still struggling to keep a hold on to their dear life, and some were lying still in their pool of blood with no signs of life."Vessel 69!" Suddenly, a hoarse voice called me out from somewhere. I couldn't pinpoint their position on the spur of the moment, or rather, because everything around me was dark except the area under my close proximity
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Chapter 2: The Final Call of Judgement - Part 2
He swiftly jumped back up onto his feet and moved at such speed that it would appear like he just vanished from a normal person's eyes. He appeared above me and he plunged down with both of his knives pointed toward my skull.I moved back a bit as he landed in front of me and kicked him with much force to the ribs, as he went flying a few meters away from me. Looking at this opportunity, I rushed toward him.Standing up instantly, he thrusts the knife towards my face. Evading it, I catch hold of his arm and with my front foot; I turn around swiftly to deliver a sidekick to his chest, but he also catches my leg and kicks me hard in the gut and I stagger back a few steps.Looking at his bloodthirsty eyes, I rush toward him at full speed. Ducking down under his arm as he swings both of his knives at me, I deliver an uppercut to his jaw as he steps back and spits out blood.He lunged at me again and started attacking with the knives without giving me any break. I had no other choice than
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Chapter 3: In the Abyss of Nothingness
It felt like I was falling into a deep abyss, with nothingness around me. There wasn't even a speck of light or whiff of a breeze that would touch my skin. Everything around me felt really cold. I couldn't feel my arms or legs, as my whole body felt numb.I opened my eyes to stare into the vast darkness. As far as my eye would go, there was nothing but darkness. I couldn't even look at what's in front of me. All I could sense in the moment was the soft sound of my breathing.Though everything around me was rather creepy, I didn't feel scared at all. Instead, I was feeling strangely calm, albeit I had no idea of what was going on. There were several questions running wild in my head.Who am I?What was my name?Where was I?But all of them meant nothing in the face of the vast stretch of dark serenity in front of my eyes. Those questions all felt meaningless, or rather the words that I couldn't even utter out of my mouth seemed to be weightless.What was I even doing?Even though I kne
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Chapter 4: Right Before my Eyes Part - I
Opening my eyes, there was nothing but darkness and serene silence. I tried to move around but it seemed like my body wasn't in any plan to listen to me. I tried to lift my arm up but all was in vain as my eyes kept staring into the dark.Though, I could still hear that voice. It felt much closer than it was before and I could make it out into the voice of a woman. A soft and gentle voice, which somehow gave me this warm feeling of comfort.Suddenly, a creaking noise of the door opening ringed in my ear as I sat up to stare at the narrow slit of light coming through the half-opened door. The handle seemed to tilt as if the other person on the other side was still holding it right in that position.A strange feeling washed over my body as a woman emerged from the other side of the door. From her silhouette in the dark, I could make out a petite figure. It was dark in the room till she snapped her fingers and flames sparked between them.This woman before me had mana surging through her
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Chapter 5: Right Before my Eyes Part - II
Flames blazed violently, as dark thick smokes were rising to the sky which was now painted in an orange tint. The sounds of attacks and explosions rung in my ear. People running around like wild animals, screaming for their lives.I frantically looked around, but there was nothing but the ambers rising from the ash of burnt-down houses. The heart-wrenching cries of people who were hurt or were trying to help their loved ones. Something about the whole ordeal made me weak in my stomach as my legs gave out and I became one with the ground. Before I could get my thoughts straight, sharp tinnitus rang in my ears, and I found myself flying across the dirt till my body was impacted by something beside me. I coughed with pain in my torso, as drops of blood came out of my mouth and fell onto the ground.Barely mustering enough strength, I moved my head and saw a group of men approaching me from the horizon. My vision wasn't clear but I could tell that they weren't friendly at all.These were
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Chapter 6: Only if They Stopped
With a sudden jolt of limbs and muffled screams which tried to escape his mouth, the young man moved violently on the bed he was sleeping on. His panicked demeanour was loud enough to wake up the young lady who was sleeping beside him.His fists clenched tight on the blanket, while cold sweat ran down his forehead. Eyes shut tight as if trying to hide from something which was hovering right before his eyes. Lips trembling and legs shaking, while he kept struggling to escape this nightmare.The young lady was terrified, even though it wasn't the first time she was seeing it happen. But still, watching a person scuffle for their life while only whimpers left their throat was terrifying. With not even a tiny clue of what to do, she stared at him with her eyes wide open."Ma… please… I'm…", a few unclear words escaped the young man's mouth. He was in pain and she could see it clearly on his constricted face.Despite her confusion and inability to comfort him, she wanted to help him. There
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Chapter 7: The Big Day!
Last night was quite eventful and the red mark on my cheeks was enough to tell that."What? You kinda deserved it!" Laeratia said while looking at me from the bed. I shook my head while staring back at my reflection in the mirror, "Yeah sure…"I was looking at my reflection in the mirror and a lot has changed in the past few years. Compared to the last time I felt this way about my image, I appear to be a lot different. Apart from the physical changes, I have changed as a person too.Of course, my 17-year-old body would be different from my 12-year-old one. I have grown taller, and facial structure has changed and my voice sure has taken a ride to depths. My long hair was a wet mess as I just came out of the shower."How the heck is your hair so silky?" Laeratia clicked her tongue at me. I looked at her, as I ran my hands through my hair and nodded, "I don't know to be honest.""Why do boys have such great hair traits?"I swept my hair to the side and walked towards her with a smirk,
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Chapter 8: The Town of Arcton
Today is my first day at our new senior academy. I wouldn't say I'm nervous but I can definitely say that I'm not as excited as the energy ball walking beside me. We left our room an hour before as Laeratia didn't want to be late for the orientation program.I was waiting with her on the sidewalk waiting for a cab as we weren't not going to walk to the academy. It was situated on the outskirts of the main town because the campus is literally vast enough to be declared a town on its own.Standing on the sidewalk, the early sun rays were piercing my eyes. I lifted my left hand to cover my eyes from it. The sky was clear and it was a pleasant day with a gentle cold breeze brushing past us. Neither was it too humid nor too dry.My eyes turned towards the road as I heard the sound of wheels coming to a halt with a screeching noise. It was a white cart with two doors painted in black which meant it could fit 4 people legally. Even though I have seen 6-7 people travelling in these wagons co
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Chapter 9: First Day at New Academy Part-I
We were half way into the campus and both of us were already amazed. We were walking through a paved pathway, and a loud group of obnoxious students were in front of us. I glimpsed over at Laeratia to see an irritated look on her face.Not only was the campus as big as we've heard of, the architecture of the buildings really brought out that refined image of this elite academy. No wonder it was one of the top academies in the country and everyone wants to be a product out of this brand.The crowd of students was increasing the more we were walking towards the main building. In the mail we received, it was instructed that the orientation would take place in the auditorium. But with a campus of this scale, finding it on the first day was a difficult task."What time is it?" Laeratia asked, as I looked down at my watch and replied, "It's half past eight.""Oh shit! We only got fifteen minutes." "Calm down, let's just ask someone." I advised. Laeratia seemed to favour the idea as her eye
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Chapter 10: A Fated Opportunity
"So boring!!!" Krisia complained, sitting next to me in the auditorium. Yes, the name of the girl with the brown ponytail was Krisia. The girls were sitting together and I was sitting at the farmost edge next to Krisia. For the last half an hour, we were waiting for the orientation to start so Laeratia decided it would be a good idea to introduce each other.Very interesting indeed.I wasn't in favour of that idea completely because introducing yourself to random people you just met on your way towards a common destination seems a bit too meticulous. But I also hated socializing. Not because I was terrible at it but because it used to discharge my social battery quickly.And that's how we got to know each other's names. And somehow it turns out that Krisia, Laeratua and I were in the same class. But the other two girls, Jaswyn and Cleoa were in a different class than their friend Krisia.I wish I was in a different class."You don't talk much, do you?" Krisia asked, as I looked towar
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