The Red Tiger

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The Red Tiger

By: Gladstone_ OngoingFantasy

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Alfred Winston had always lived a simple life with his father, he was born with a strange disease that made him feel and also look weak all the time. His simple life changed into one filled with dangers when he decided to trace the strange connection he feels all the time. It led him to a tree in the forest, after placing his hand on the tree, something was unsealed inside of him. The next day, He noticed some changes in him as his eyesight which used to be poor suddenly became very good to the extent that it could be called perfect and his former scrawny figure had now changed into a better and more muscular one. This discovery made him feel very happy unknown to him that his life is about to change forever. He then discovered later that he is the supposed king of a hidden tribe that calls themselves Pixons and that someone who had lived for a very long time is after his life. He now has to find a way to defeat that person while also trying his best to control his bloodlust and rage. Whether he survives against this threat or would he end up dying. Accompany the protagonists and see how he would survive and adapt to his new life as a Pixon King. Check out my other novel ‘Manaless Mage’ Join my discord for more info about the novel ———————— I do not own the cover, I only edited it and if the owner wants me to take it down message me and I will do that

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  • Benjamin_Jnr


    This is a good read. I'm enjoying it.

    2022-06-09 16:34:42
  • Gladstone_


    This is a great novel, the story and world building are also perfect You all should try this.

    2022-06-09 11:28:46
  • Alfred


    A wonderful book I just can’t have enough of it

    2022-08-13 18:19:38
  • ItzGlad


    This is a wonderful novel, you all need to try this It’s very interesting, a great read

    2022-06-11 10:19:17
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32 chapters
The beginning[1]
RING!!!!!The loud sound of an alarm ringing could be heard, a teenager could be seen rolling on his bed while grumbling. "Arrgg it's morning already", Alfred complained as he was still feeling tired and wanted to go back to sleep. He stretched his hand lazily from the bed and put off the alarm. Alfred Winston is a sixteen-year-old boy who is quite skinny for his age. He has black hair and deep blue eyes. He also uses a corrective lens as he doesn't see clearly without them. He lives in Greenville city and he's also from a comfortable family. His mother is late due to some mysterious reasons which he still doesn't understand, so he lives alone with his father. Alfred then stood up while rubbing his eyes, he then made his way to the bathroom to start getting ready for school. "ARRRG!" Alfred suddenly felt a sudden headache as he felt like his whole head was going to explode.He started seeing some flashes of scenes he couldn't understand, flashes of a man being atta
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The beginning[2]
As he was about to leave, "Wait!". He heard someone say to him, he then turned around and saw a man with glowing green eyes something that was weird even to him and unknown to Alfred his eyes also glowed slightly bright red which the other man noticed. He then did what came to his mind first and that is running as fast as possible but before he started running he heard the other man say "you were chosen, a new king". He didn't wait to hear the rest of the story as he had already started running. If he paid more attention to himself he'd notice that he was running very fast compared to before but he didn't care about all of that and was just focused on getting to Kelvin as soon as possible. He don't know why but the strange man didn't chase him, and only watched him from a distance. 'Come find me' he suddenly heard that same man's voice in his head and that scared him the more.'Fuck, I shouldn't have followed any stupid strange feeling or whatever this is what usually happens
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Strange Changes[1]
*The next morning* Alfred woke up the next day, feeling so refreshed. "Wow I really needed that sleep, I feel so much better and also stronger, almost like I'm a new person", Alfred said. Then he heard a very annoying and loud ringing sound beside his bed. RING!!!!!!! Then he covered his ears and subconsciously smashed the alarm which broke into pieces, something he didn't notice. He was still covering his ears as he felt like a loudspeaker was placed near his ear and the alarm was ringing through it. "Why the hell is this alarm so loud?", he muttered still holding his ears. "Wait...the alarm", he said to himself, then he checked the time through a clock that was hung at the top of the wall in front of his bed. Alfred was surprised as he realized it was already six o'clock in the morning and it was also the next day. "I…slept…for about seven…teen… ho…urs that's never happened before or rather that's not supposed to happen at all", He said to himself while raisin
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Strange Changes[2]
Alfred just went to his seat quietly while ignoring all the stares he was receiving from his classmates. He was inwardly grateful to the teacher for not being In class. During the break, he was busy looking for kelvin in the school cafeteria so they would get lunch together when Shane and his goons suddenly approached him and stopped him on way. "I was actually looking for you yesterday for ignoring me the last time, who do you think you are hun?", Shane said in pride. Alfred actually wanted to leave but he didn't know why but he just felt strange anger toward Shane. Shane has always been insulting him since he got into the school and he hasn't even talked back all those while since it never got physical. Only about eight years ago when Shane insulted his mother and he got so angry and attacked him and also surprisingly beat him up. He didn't know where the strength came from because Shane was twice his size. He then got suspended for three weeks while Shane ha
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Rage And Bloodlust
*A few minutes earlier* The same strange man who Alfred met in the forest heard a loud roar. He then raised his brow in surprise, he then remembered something very important. "King's roar…..Oh….sh*t", he said then he suddenly ran at a very great speed that only the gust of wind whooshing through the surroundings could be heard. *Meanwhile* Alfred suddenly had those same flashes he had since he was young but this time he remembered what happened to him clearly. *TEN YEARS AGO* A man and a young boy of around six years were walking down a seemingly lonely alley and then three hooded guys with guns suddenly came to them and threatened them to surrender all the money with them. Then Alfred could remember one of them hitting his father and immediately after that happened, he felt a great amount of rage inside him and he began panting heavily. "you shouldn't have done that", he said in a slightly hoarse voice. The one who hit his father turned to him and
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Donald’s Worries
Alfred's father came back that same day and he also noticed the changes in Alfred and became worried thinking that Alfred might have broken the seal he placed on his pixon gene so he asked about it, "Why do you look so different today Alfred?"."Come one dad, it's just puberty. And why didn't you come back home yesterday dad", Alfred asked though he was surprised as to why his father asked that question. "Ohh actually had some things to sort out, I'm really sorry I didn't inform you about you earlier"his father apologized sincerely. "It's okay dad and besides yesterday went well without any problems", Alfred said while emphasizing the last part a little. "Well…tha…t's oddly….specific"his father muttered to himself as he still has his suspicions about Alfred's sudden changes and how he was cured. Then he suddenly remembered something as he looked at Alfred's neck and chest. "Alfred where's the necklace I gave to you back then", he asked. " Ohh it's actually in my room", Alfred lied
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Voice in My Head
'I'm not Jade okay?, I'm Alex'. Alfred heard the voice one more time and he was so afraid as to how he heard a voice In his head which shouldn't be possible. 'First thing, don't freak out, am not here to hurt you or anything'. 'Just calm down and I'll tell you everything you need to know okay?' He then decided to calm down and listen to what the voice had to say. "So you're Alex right?", Alfred asked,even though the strange voice said his name before, Alfred still felt that he should ask one more time. 'Yes, how could you not know that? I'm the first Pixon king'. The voice or rather Alex replies. "No I haven't heard of you and…. What is Pixon?"He asked confused about the whole situation. 'Are you actually a Pixon, how could you not even know what that means and here I thought I got my consciousness transferred into a reasonable person. Shouldn't have expected much'. Alfred's eyebrows twitched repeatedly when he heard that as he didn't expect the voice to be a talkative.
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Kahn was the first Dark Pixon, as he was the first Pixon to give in to the dark side. He's about 190 meters tall,he also has deep black hair and deep black eyes which seems like an endless abyss of fear when one looks into them. Some black stripes could be seen running down from his elbows to his hand, which he finally covered up with long sleeves and gloves in order not to raise suspicions among humans as he lost his ability to transform back to a complete human when he gave in to his wild side. He was obsessed with power and felt the need to get more power, he felt that Alexander was wrong in saying they shouldn't let their wild Desires and bloodlust take control when they could be much stronger if they give in to their wild desires. So he just let the wild desires, rage and bloodlust take control and gave in to them. Then he felt much stronger than before but still, this wasn't enough for him so he Injected himself with one more gene-altering serum which he took with him from
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The next day, Alfred decided to go and meet Jade after coming back from school so he could ask him about his mother and the real cause of her death.Since his father is a normal human being, that means the so-called pixon gene has to come from his mother, And her death might not be as natural as he thinks. He then remembered about Kelvin as he saw him transform yesterday. "Fuck what do I tell kelvin now? He saw me transforming the last time and I'm sure he's really going to have a lot of questions" he said to himself. 'You could just kill him or rather intimidate him with a lot of fear so he won't tell anyone about it' , he heard a stupid idea from a stupid annoying voice in his head once again. "No, I'm definitely not going to do that. He's my best friend and I'm sure he'll understand.", he said to Alex or rather said in a bid to convince himself as he was worried that kelvin would start seeing him as a monster. 'I was just trying to help and besides, it's a very good idea',Alex
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So someone’s after my life now
When Alfred finally got to the forest, he looked for the same tree and when he found it, then he saw a house not far from it, though it was not the only house there but the rest looked very old and abandoned. "I wonder why he decided to live in this place", Alfred muttered to himself. He then heard the sound of someone jumping down from his back and he got scared only to realize that it was Jade. "I've been waiting for you, I knew you'd come. I know you have a lot of questions but before that, I should tell you what I know about the Pixons and why this place is abandoned". Jade said. 'Yes, this place is truly abandoned', Alfred thought to himself while Alex was strangely silent for some reason, not that he was complaining.'This could also be an opportunity to know about the current situation of things'. He also thought to himself. "Okay, maybe you should start with what happened to the Pixons", Alfred said. "Let's talk about it inside or would you rather stand here cause what I'm
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