Chapter 117 Got the Map

“All right then,” said Mr. Brown happily while looking at them, “let’s get out of here. I hope my presents can help you with your fight against those enemies.”

With that, Peggy, Luna, and Tolly went out of the study together with Mr. Brown and Ms. Harmsworth.

Then they waved goodbye to Mr. Brown and Ms. Harmsworth. They decided to take off immediately. Nevertheless, no one knew where the Pole Cold Island was located exactly.

“Hey, Tolly,” said Peggy, “do you know in which direction we should head?”

“Of course, I know, let’s go! Luna, Peggy, just follow me!” said Tolly proudly.

Quickly, Luna and Peggy followed Tolly out of the school.

“Shall we begin to call out our spiritual beasts to ride on them?” asked Peggy.

“No, not yet, let’s walk!” said Tolly.

“Walk?” asked Peggy in great surprise, “do you mean we’ll walk to the Pole Cold Island? If it is that way, our feet will bark at us like crazy dogs. Are you kidding us, Tolly?”

“Hey, Peggy, stop nagging at me. Just walk and then you’ll kn
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