Chapter 124 Fire Fish King

The three Bineonates raised their heads and it looked like they were quite hesitant.

“Look, we’re your friends, not your enemies. If you’re willing to be obedient to me, you’ll quench the envy inside your bodies. In this way, you won’t have to answer the call of the Altered,” said Tolly while staring at them with his big eyes unblinkingly,

“I know deep down you’re not aggressive attackers. Actually, all of you are peace lovers. Now it’s your choice to be justice holders or justice destroyers.”

“Why would we have so much envy inside our body?” asked one of the Bineonates, hissing its forked tongue slowly.

“Because the Altered cast a spell on all of you. They wanted to control all of you to help them attack us human beings,” said Tolly flatly.

Actually, Tolly was talking nonsense. Yet, it worked. The three Bineonates were fully convinced by his babblings. They lowered their heads and bowed to Tolly, indicating that they were willing to be obedient to Tolly.

“Good, now I’ll quench the en
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