Chapter 126 Dagger Mountain

“Really?” said the Fire Fish Queen excitedly, holding the hands of her husband tightly.

“But you don’t need to be so excited. I have to figure it out later when I’ve got the time,” said Tolly.

“No problem. So, what are the two things you want us to do?” asked the Fire Fish Queen, eager to know whether they could achieve them easily.

“Secondly, I want to get some information about a girl called Sally,” said Tolly.

“Oh, you mean that girl that had been captured by the Altered leader the Alpha’s assistant Cindy?” asked the Fire Fish Queen.

“Yeah, that’s her? Is she still alive?” asked Tolly in a worried voice.

“Yeah, but she was put in a huge cage last time we saw her,” said the Fire Fish Queen, “Is she your friend?”

“Yes, my friend, of course,” said Tolly, “my best friend.”

Tolly heaved a relieving sigh, happy to know that Sally was still alive.

“All right, so, what’s the third thing you want us to do?” asked the Fire Fish Queen.

“Never, never fight against us anymore,” said Tolly quick
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