Chapter 141 Lost Garden

It turned out Mary could not tame this spider because it was a special creature that could be not tamed.

“Well,” said Tolly, “I have to deal with it with my runic formation.”

By thinking about the ice cream formation in his mind, instantly a huge ice cream appeared in the air. As the spider kept shooting its threads toward Tolly and his friends. The huge ice cream that floated in the air would block these attacks.

The spider was annoyed, making a few strange noises. It decided to attack them more fiercely Instantly, it kept sending numerous threads to Tolly and his friends. And in a minute, the threads were made into a few big webs.

Tolly knew if they were caught by these webs, they would surely become the food of the spider. Luckily, as the webs were coming toward them, the huge ice cream in the sky would quickly stop them.

As the spider was tired, Tolly quickly order his huge ice cream formation to give the spider a huge ice cream.

“Give it an ice cream,” yelled Tolly. With that, a
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