Chapter 142 David Dragon

“Oh, you mean someone takes after Fanta Lord here?” asked Sally.

“Yeah,” said Tolly, “which at least means Fanta Lord used to live here on Pole Cold Island a couple of years."

“Interesting!” said Sally, “but why do people here hate him very much?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps as the greatest educator on Goldearth, he has cultivated a lot of fantastic cultivators to be able to fight against the Altered,” said Tolly.

“All right,” said Mary, “let’s climb up to the fourth floor now. Hope we’re lucky like Fanta Lord that we can get out of here.”

“I believe we will,” said Tolly.

After that, they climbed up to the fourth floor of the sky tower. There what came into their sight stunned them immediately. there was a huge river before them.

“What!?” said Tolly, “I’ve never thought that there is a great rive in this tower. How strange!”

“In my opinion, that must be an illusion,” sad Sally.

“You’re right, Sally, I couldn’t agree more with you. You need to be more careful. If we want to go across the ri
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