The Throne of Sovereignty

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The Throne of Sovereignty

By: DemonkingAK OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A lone Dragon even after having the strongest ability of Void at his disposal can't escape the restrain of a Soul contract made by his ancestors to serve king, which made him slave of the Dragon King. But one day an opportunity presented itself in front of him. To finally set himself free from the contract that binds him. He took it, so that he can create a better future for himself and his loved once. However all his hopes tumbled down on him because king has destroyed everything that he held dear to his heart. Even killing him or so as king has thought. It is said that, when the night is darkest, that is when the star shines brightest and on that night Alex was given an opportunity to gain back everything he has lost, he was reincarnated as a Human. Join Alex on his adventure where he fight back against every odd and reach a territory uncharted by any Mortal or God and ascend to the Throne of Sovereignty. ~ From AKPOV ******************************************* PS: This novel will introduce more races like Humans, Demons, dwarves and Elves later. The initial chapters will focus on the life of MC as Dragon and some important historical event which has triggered the current scenario as well as important characters which will have huge impact on story later. By the end of Vol. 1 the cover of novel will make more sense therefore i request you to patiently read the first arc before judging the story. Disclaimer: Please Note that the novel cover is not owned by Author. Credit goes to respective Artist. A/N: If you wish to support author please visit

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The Throne of Sovereignty (Different Races introduction)
DragonsJust by hearing the name Dragon we imagine a mighty beast capable of flying and tearing the sky with its enormous wings, which doesn't seem to be struggling to carry his heavy weight, which can shake the earth when he walk.A being who can breathe any element, which he desires from his jaws, which has the potential to annihilate everything that stands in his path not leaving even souls. His hard scale can deflect any attack which dares to come his way and try to harm him. Their bodies evolved to handle their terrifying power which has super regeneration.To destroy their enemies they have arsenal of abilities which spread death and despair whenever or wherever it is used. Imagine the being this powerful and still evolving with passage of time. That is DRAGONS.They are the beings closest to becoming gods in a mortal realm with immortal bodies which can only be killed by the strong enough attack to their heart or head.One of their abilities allowed them to shape shift into hum
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Character Features
1) Name: Alexander Grey (Alex)Ability: VoidEvolution stage: Primordial DragonHumanoid features: Short silver hairs with a light tone of grey, Muscular body with the height of 15 feet, White snow like skin with golden eyes.Draconic Features: Mixture of Grey and silver skin made of diamond like scales covering whole body. Two sharp horns over the skulls skin, Golden eyes and 120 sharp teeth. Two enormous wings each with the size of 30 meters with 100 meter huge body.2) Name: Azmath Sanguin (King of Dragons)Ability: Multiple abilities (A hydra)Evolution stage: Primordial DragonHumanoid features: Short black hair, Muscular body with the height of 18 feet, Snow like white skin with golden eyes, Claw like scar over the eyes.Draconic Features: Hard black diamond shaped scales covering whole body and 4 heads. Two sharp horns on each head, Shining golden eyes pure as sunrays 130 sharp teeth. Two enormous wings each with the size of 40 meters with 125 meter huge body.3) Name: Evale
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Chapter 1 The night before the raid (1)
Lying down in a beautiful garden, staring up at the sky, looking at countless bright shining stars, I was curious, will I ever be able reach and explore all of them.It feels like a dream of a naïve kid yet there is nothing impossible in this realm in which we mighty Dragon lives. We have power to turn cities into dust just by breathing , trample any castle under our feet's and with our abilities we can lay waste to a planet given enough time, but that is not my goal.Our race has encountered and conquered many planets with their strength, subdued even demons in the past and held themselves as gods.Because of that thinking we committed countless atrocities on other intelligent species and the result of which is now we are all sealed in the distant edge of the universe sharing only one third of the known universe.But everything will be resolved after tomorrow's raid. The tyrannical rule of Dragon king will end tomorrow and there will be birth of a new King/Empress which will lead dra
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Chapter 2 The night before the raid (2)
"My worries are in vain?" She looked straight into my eyes to find the right answers to her question but I was always good at hiding my true emotions, let's say destiny has trained me for this moment since my birth."You know too well after lifting the seal, king, leaders and guardian will definitely try to kill you." I know, I murmured under my breath."I don't know what preparations you have made to counter them; but it is definitely suicidal to go on this raid unless…." She looked at me and continued."You are planning to trick the king and leaders again just like you tricked them hundred thousand years ago?" she asked curiously."No." I replied in a serious tone."This raid will be as real as it can be." I was not fooling around anymore and I definitely have devised enough countermeasures for it to be successful.A hundred thousand year ago, i encountered an opportunity to break through and become a Primordial Dragon, but for that to happen I have to enrage king enough for him to
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Chapter 3 The Strategy (1)
Stepping out of what seem to be the portal surrounded by Grey fog and electricity coursing through its edges from time to time, I was greeted with the familiar throne room.It was not as grand as king's throne room, but nevertheless it was to my liking.I had completed countless missions under king's command but he had never allocated me any domain or honor which was due, no matter how splendidly I have finished them.Therefore with my own power and by creating circumstances in which king couldn't refuse my request, I had claimed a moon as my domain in past.It was one of the moons near the planet on which king's castle was situated. It was mostly barren devoid of even oxygen, but with the vast amount of knowledge at our disposal, we had already devised a technology to turn neuter planets into habitable one.It does shorten the planets life but it can be used for millions of years and the benefit of this method outshines the drawbacks.On this whole planet there was only one city whic
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Chapter 4 The Strategy (2)
We arrived at a planet far from my domain. It was a barren planet on the outside continuously leaking radiation and a large scar ran from its center to the other half of the planet. Inside the scar it was filled with Lava Rivers.The Planet was yet to be discovered by the dragon race and even if they did discover it, they wouldn't pay any attention to it because from one look it was visible that if they try to restore it, it will crumble to pieces.And therefore it was the perfect place for me to hide my trump card from king's prying eyes. In one of my mission to subdue or kill an X ranked magical beast I had encountered this planet and on further exploration I came to know that the planet which looked barren from outside was actually filled with life by various beast species inside the scar.The planet's size was equal to that of planet on which king lived and it had its own star deep inside the planet itself making environment there habitual for many species. From outside due to thi
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Chapter 5 The Battle for Supremacy
The one who spoke this time was Demion, the youngest of all the retainers; and the 3rd strongest retainer.I had recruited him when he was just a Dragonight probably at the age of 100 years. I was on a mission issued to me by king to subdue some rebel dragons and that is when I encountered a young Dragon at the peak stage of Dragonight realm.Considering he belonged to the noble family, their eggs took at least 100 years to hatch and another 100 year or so for dragonling to evolve depending on the talent. That is why I could tell he was rare even among the geniuses to have come this far.But the thing that attracted my attention was that he was being hunted by the most powerful leader's family the 1st family.Intrigued by how the situation will unfold, I followed him from the shadow; saw him fight against other dragonight and even dragon lord realm soldiers with sword in his hands and without turning into his true dragon form.The first family had the ability to control flames to the
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Chapter 6 Familiarize (1)
"I will give team 2 all the details I have, but remember do not rely solely on that because even I don't know what to expect once you guys enter the facility.""I had even tried to send spies in that location in the past, but none of them returned alive to report back to me not even roman." When said the name roman the mouth of all retainers hung open finally able to understand the difficulty of mission.In the past there used to be 7 retainers but one of them had died during his mission this much was known to all the retainers, but they were unaware of the specifics of the mission.Roman was the 2nd strongest retainer in my force whose death was a big loss to my force as well as my family; yeah the retainers are all my family. Apparently because of him I got to know that the facility had the summoning circle inside it and it was no ordinary summoning circle but to summon the Dragon king.Therefore even I couldn't make any careless move and roman was smart, he sacrificed himself befor
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Chapter 7 Familiarize (2)
The atmosphere changed the moment the Z ranked beast had stepped foot out of portal, the sky began to turn red and sweat started to gather on the faces of all retainers. An X ranked beast has already been termed as the pinnacle of beast evolution in the universe, they were held as king of beasts each possessing uncommon ability and intelligence. But Z ranked beast whose existence was unknown to many, I knew what status they possessed even among beast. They were held as gods, not only having unique ability and intelligence but also having understanding of law, the rules that governs this world. "Are you certain you want to utilize that favor now?" He asked. "Yes." I said nodding my head. He was one of the trump card I had saved in order to deal with uncertainties kings would have planned. He was the only beast I couldn't subdue but killing him in past seemed too troublesome and wasteful and therefore I had told him to help me once when I need him. And this was certainly the situat
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Chapter 8 The meeting (1)
I teleported outside the capital's outer boundary because the whole capital was surrounded by Anti teleportation array and other defensive measures in order to prevent any attack on the city. It was more like an impenetrable fortress than city. The Royal guards standing outside the gate sensing my presence opened the gates for me and sent the message to the main palace of my arrival. It was quite a hassle to travel from outer wall to the main palace in flying vehicles which took half an hour but nothing can be done about it. I could reach faster by flying but it was the process everyone has to follow. The flying vehicle was like a giant white egg, which used either mana crystal or Users own mana to fly from one place to another. It was faster and comfortable mode of travel at the speed which brock the sound barrier. It also helped in avoiding the accidents of Dragons crashing into each other while flying and fighting over it. From outside people couldn't see who was inside the veh
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