Author: LIGht Pen


Author: Leslie Gertrude


Chapter 1:

**What is this**

“Faster!!.... Harder!!...quicken your movements, sharpen your stance, apply pressure!!” The old man yelled as he easily blocked the attack of the younger boy

He rested his hands on his knees, panting and trying to calm his beating heart which was getting louder by the minute. He had been at this since morning and he wasn’t able to lay a single strike on him. He tightened his grip on the wooden sword and looked up to see the old man frowning at him, it was obvious that he wasn’t pleased

He took a stance immediately, closed his eyes, gripped his sword tighter and jumped. As fast as the wind, he raised his sword and a faint smile could be seen on his lips

‘Got you now, old man’ He struck but all he could feel was the breeze of his strike. He looked at the place he struck and he saw nothing

‘Where was he’

He felt a light touch on his back and before he knew what happened, he flew forward and crashed into the hay inside the shed

“Tskk, tssk …. Still too slow and weak. That’s enough for today” The old man said and turned around

“Father…wait, I am not tired” The young boy ran to the man

“I an tired, Roshan. I know you have a lot of potential in you but I don’t know what’s wrong with you” The man looked down at his son

He put his hand on his hair and ruffled it before speaking

“ You are 16 years old and Arkon’s Tournament is to start in four months, If you are still like this by then. I don’t know if you would even make it past the first round. I am scared for you, Roshan. Your brother played his part in the war and he died respectfully but what about you? Your mother and I are worried you may not make it that far and I need you to keep training to prove us wrong but when will you be able to do that, time is not on your side” The old man said and stared far into the forest as he sensed something.

Roshan kept his head down “I am not weak, Father”

He said bitterly but he knew the truth himself. He was weak, weaker than everybody that he has met. Kids made fun of him, bullied him because he was nothing compared to them

The old man smiled “I know my son, you are a lot stronger than you know. Would you run to the forest and see if you can find meat for tonight’s dinner”

Roshan immediately remembered that he should have gone to hunt before now and he picked his little dagger and put it in his back pocket, he bowed and went in the direction of the forest

“I will back soon” He called to his father and waved

The old man smiled and waved back

Immediately he saw the back of the boy disappearing into the forest. His smile turned into a frown and he rushed into the house to pick his sword

“Darling, We are under attack!!” He called to his wife and few seconds later, the door to their house broke down.


Roshan walked deeper into forest as he searched for the animal he would hunt and take home. He would usually hide and wait for a group of beasts to come in and would sneak in to take away the young ones among the herd who was a lot more easier to kill.

As he walked in search of any signs of a herd, his father’s words kept ringing in his head. He had heard of the Arkon’s Tournament where boys and girls of a particular age would battle and compete in order to be chosen into the Mage School where they would be taught on magic or the Military where they would try to own or develop abilities.

Things were not this way before but it all changed with the arrival of the monsters known as The Daegi.

Noone knew from whence they came but they suddenly invaded earth, destroying everything in its path. Humans fought but not much was done and when it looked like all hope was lost, a certain group of people with strange magic powers and foreign abilities showed up and with their arrival, things turned around for the humans.

But they still couldn’t get rid of the Daegi. Both sides fought to a standstill until a peace treaty was proposed and the Deagi Leader came forward to sign it but they both knew it wouldn’t last for a long time.

The time span of the peace treaty would be used by both sides to get stronger without the knowledge of the other.

Years passed and the first war turned into a bed time story for the younger generation as most of the civilians no longer paid much attention to the Deagi’s attack but the Ones above knew the second war would soon be close.

They created atmospheres and centres to develop the young and stronger generation teaching them how to use their abilities and powers but little did they know that they weren’t the only ones trying to get stronger.

Roshan wasn’t born with magic powers or abilities despite his mother being a warlock and his dad being a level 50 fire user but his elder brother was gifted with extraordinary talent, at a age of 30 he was able to master the fire ability up to level 35. Roshan always looked up to his brother wanting to be like him and he was proud of him.

Everything shattered when the news of his death was brought as he was killed by a Super Tier beast of level 48. Since then, Roshan began his training to serve in the Military but he was still angry at the thought of him being too weak.

His mind was clouded that he didn’t realise he was headed into a ditch and he fell into it.

Thankfully the ditch wasn’t too deep and he would be able to climb out of it

He noticed that he landed on a hard object, he began to claw into the ground with his hands and he uncovered a strange looking object in the shape of a book.

“What is this”

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