Dominator System

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Dominator System

By: Ken OngoingSystem

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"Twilight" a fictional character came from Role Playing Game called [Tales of the Legion Heroes] He was an overpowered mob character that can surpass the main character in the storyline. One day, Mr. Daisuke died officially on Earth and was reincarnated inside the body of 17 years old "Twilight" Because of an unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits like overworking his body by playing the game to pay the several million of debt from the loan shark. He was given a second chance by the God & Goddess of Asgard and summon to another world similar and at the same time different from the so-called Earth. [AETHER] 'A world that revolved around the main character!' 'If you are thinking that I was just a mob character who has no role in the storyline then you are wrong.' 'Even if I have no role in the storyline doesn't mean that I cannot surpass the main character or the protagonist.' 'I will use my profound knowledge and wisdom to clear the Impossible quest and mission.' 'I will hoard all artifacts and treasure that are found inside the dungeon.' 'I will climb the top step by step and reach the height that humankind never reached before.' 'Lastly, I will support the main character from the shadow and change their shitty ending that destroys this world.' 'I shall let the world know my name [Twilight] The Dominator, who will soon become the living legend of Nine World Realm.' 'Just hearing my name brings justice and order to the land while making enemies tremble in fear!' 'Twilight will annihilate all enemies before him!... mark as a true hero of Midgard.'

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  • William McMullin


    A little confused about the timeline of chapters. can you explain, please?

    2022-09-02 03:04:21
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“Role Playing Game”Is a genre of video game where the gamer controls a fictional character (or characters) that undertakes a quest in an imaginary world.The game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting.Traditional role-playing video games shared five basic elements.The ability to improve your character over the course of the game by increasing his statistics or levels.A menu-based combat system with several choices of skills, spells, and active powers as well as anactive inventory system with wearable equipment such as armors and weapons. A central quest that runs throughout the game as a story line and additional (and usually optional) side quests.The ability to interact with elements of the environment or story line through additional abilities (e.g. lock picking, disarming traps, communication skills, etc.)The existence of certain character classes that define the characteristics, skills, abilities, and spells of a character (e.g. wizard, thie
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Starting Point (1)
Spring~ Cherry blossom petals fell to the ground and scattered everywhere on the road. The chirping of the birds in the early mornings gives pleasant to my ears also the sky is blue as clear as crystal. This world is more modern than in my previous life. I was astonished by the advanced technology that I never in my life expected despite being made out only of magic engineering, and science. For example, transportation portals, magic bullet trains, combat assistance devices, and many more. I was walking along the road with my beautiful step-sister. Headstrong and prone to act immediately, Nightingale will do anything for her younger brother. But if it wasn’t for the fact that she is not my blood-related then maybe I already severed my bond with her and treated her as a stranger. One day, I reincarnated inside this MMORPG (Tales of The Legion Heroes) Story Intro~ A story about one boy who was born in a countryside village and lives a peaceful life. One day, when he was only ten y
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Starting Point (2)
Twilight walked around the hallway finding where to sit, on the left side where the first-year student was located, there was no available seat and mostly all of them were full but luckily he found an available spot on the other side of the corner where two beautiful ladies seating on top. “May I ask if that seat is available?” Twilight politely asks while lowering his voice to not disturb others. “Sure, why not?” She replied with a bright smile and sincere eyes. “Thanks!” Twilight seated obediently beside those two without holding back. “By the way, I’m Shinobu Kaede. Nice to meet you!” Kaede is a beautiful young lady who had a face of stern and elegance, She had long sky blue hair with charming sapphire blue eyes that mesmerize anyone with one look and seductive lips that make you want to kiss her, She had a slender body, average height and big breasted. Kaede properly introduces herself, while the girl beside her is mustering her strength to introduce herself too. “Uhm! Nic
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Genesis (1)
The world’s mightiest training institute boasted a top-end foundation of magic, science, and engineering. Genesis. Genesis Academy is the name of the last defense line of mankind located on the central island of Metropolis City. The artificial island was thrice the size of the capital in Tokyo. This academy was a huge facility that spammed over kilometers and boasted top-end training facilities. It had over 50,000 dorm rooms, 1000 training facilities, 10,000 classrooms, and 15,000 highly trained professionals and professors to tend to the trainee students catering. Genesis Academy also boasts of the most difficult entrance examination among the Five Mightiest Academy. In this academy where only elites are accepted, right at the start of enrollment, the students are already divided into high achievers and low achievers. Course 1 trainee students Elite course trainee heroes are referred to officially as ‘Star Emblem’ at Genesis Academy. Are the students who topped the entrance exam
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Genesis (2)
Twilight anticipated the first event as he was looking forward to it his whole life. He was acting like a child who was buying a new toy. His eyes were sparkling with excitement. “Magic! I was always looking forward to this event where you will touch the relics (Orb of truth) you will know what attribute you will get.” In my previous past life, where magic does not exist, this is one of a lifetime event for me who is an outsider from this world. “Okay class, Let’s begin the Magic Assessment test!” Teacher Dominica hand over the relics on the white table and explain the magic assessment test while turning on the hologram computer using the remote control on the whiteboard. Teacher Dominica use the remote control to show the film about the magic assessment test, they were three folders on the screen. “First I will explain to you first the rules of magic assessment afterward I will explain the others later.” “What is Mag
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Magic Assessment Test
I look up to the mysterious phenomenon before my eyes, a new system that exists at the same time it wasn’t. “Wha…?Just what is going on here…?!” A system that transcends mortal boundaries is too good to be true, In the first place, every system in this world has what you called [limiter] to balance the world system, therefore there is no such thing as a system that breaks the limiter and surpass the mortal boundaries that make human stronger than the celestial being. “Teacher Dominica, can you see this status screen floating before my eyes?” Twilight dumbfound asked her homeroom teacher for confirmation. “Are you mocking me twilight! If you have time to joke then go back to your seat and wait for your turn again.” Teacher Dominica coldly said. Twilight goes back to his seat close to the back corner where her sister is waiting for her alone in the backseat while obviously glaring at anyone who potentially trying to hurt his little brother, she was excitedly waiting for his little br
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Dominator Contract
Teacher Dominica accepted my deal about the 1-month training program for Shion and Kaede contract. After class, I invited Tachibana-san and Murasaki-san to my private dorm that I buy using the money in my card bank [$100,000] It was so painful to waste my hard-earned money given by my parents. [Guardian Knight] The name that symbolizes Protection and Creed, I created this organization for one sole purpose…I will become their king and they will become my sword that shall slay darkness and everything that stands against my way…“Absolute Loyalty” is the motto of my domain. Although that was my plan for the future and I was still just getting started and only recruited three-member, Tachibana-san, Murasaki-san, and lastly my sister nightingale. I decided to buy a private dorm and created a club that will support me in the shadow and becomes my loyal member. Guardian Knight is the name of my club and private dorm. It was affordable and it look like a five-star hotel, the private dorm is
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Tears of Memories
After obtaining a new system, everyone was shocked about the unknown phenomenon in front of them “Tell me twilight! What the heck is that system message? I know that system exists in this world and almost 90 percent human population is an awakener hence even me has a system that helps me look at my status and check my growth.” “However, there is no such thing as a system like this exists for surpassing the limiter program in the world system.” Nightingale suspiciously looks at him with a shock on her face. “Twilight-kun, who exactly are you? I know that you are different than any person I met but I never expected that you are the kind of person that has the power to give someone a system based on contract.” Kaede asked out of curiosity. “Twilight-san! Are you a human? In the record of history, not one of them has the power to give someone a system based on contract therefore you are the first human that can do impossible things like this.” Shion felt shocked and confused about the u
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Love Confession
Tuesday, 5:30 am. Twilight woke up earlier in the morning and made breakfast for his three adorable girls sleeping peacefully in his bedroom. He wore the white apron while cooking fried rice in the pan and omelet egg with butter, after 15 minutes…he put all the food on the table covered by the stainless steel food cover. He showed himself inside the bathroom for 10 minutes and change his clothes wearing a white t-shirt and dark blue jogging jacket, Nike jogging pants lastly running shoes. Before he leaves, he locks the door and put a message sticker on the refrigerator. [I will be leaving shortly for exercise…I will come back before 9 am and I hope you enjoy the food on the table I cook for you three…PS: Clean the house when I’m gone and go to the underground basement for warming up your body (combat training).] Twilight left the house, and 20 minutes later of running…he finally arrived at his destination [Stardust Park] Genesis Academy one of the famous tourist spots where you can
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Adventure's Guild
After Twilight, decided to accept them… As his girlfriend, the system finally acknowledge them as the full-fledged apostle of justice by the new era of light…[The Guardian Knight] “Now back to the main topic, I already accepted you now as my girlfriend and also as my trustworthy comrade as the new guardian knight of the golden era…!” Twilight said coldly while explaining the new power the system gave to them. Nightingale and everyone understood what he meant to say and listen closely, they seat obediently in front of him and look him in the eyes as their leader… “First of all, I have many things to teach you guys because honestly, you are so weak compared to a feather that is passing by…!Any question?” Twilight’s indifferent look explains the real facts. “Twilight, what do you mean by the concept of being weak compared to the feather that was passing by?” Nightingale asked out of curiosity. “Imagine in a world of the never endless war between humans and monsters that came from ano
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