I Became A Mecha Knight With A System

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I Became A Mecha Knight With A System

By: DanTheLion OngoingSystem

Language: English

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"These are pretty minuscule spies, my lord," The leader said into his comms. They chattered among themselves. We had our hands up when they surrounded us. My throat clogged and I was running out of oxygen. I could barely think or breath. Mister Wigglesworth was talking briskly with bulging eyes to the colossal men and a rifle was lodged in his throat, he seemed frail and agitated. "Mort!" He threw the parcel into his hands. Mort winced when he failed to catch it. The box malfunctioned and I screamed at the blast and fell back into the shelter of more craters. I gasped. "What do I do with this?" His hand fidgeted on the and he dived behind a crate beside me while lasers flew. He panted and glanced at me holding on to the parcel. There was a skirmish going on. "I think I got hit." .... Remember when homicidal aliens were attacking us? This was now, yeah, it was kind of my fault. We were crouching like a couple of cowardly war veterans on a battlefield and Mister Wigglesworth! Of all people was out there holding them off. Mort held on to the prism parcel. My eyes were pale. I got hit by the parcel. I held on to my stomach. "Are you okay? Can you sit up straight?" He said. "No, it hurts," I did not feel like myself at all. I was not even in the mood to make snappy comebacks, I kept seeing double and all these color spectrums like I stared at the sun for too long. I was phasing in and out of consciousness. I thought I saw planets dying. I ducked over the end and focused on breath. [ System Activated ]


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58 chapters
Chapter 1: The stakeout
So my dad thinks I ran away from college early and my best friend was getting very nervous. We were in a drastic situation and it was kind of my fault. Morty was holding a parcel like his life depended on it but I would not trust him if the Klozars (who are homicidal aliens by the way) tortured Morty to give up the parcel. It's fine, I would not trust myself either. You might probably be wondering what this dude is talking about, but don't worry, I'll fill you in on the whole story. So where did it all start? I remember it like it was yesterday...oh, it was.***"Zack!" That's my name, I'm Zack Trevor. I'm twenty years old and I'm in my second year in college. I have blonde hair and I'm about 1.78cm tall. ZACK!!!"Oh jeez." I said to myself taking one ear of my headset up. If anyone had told me that my dad was a T-Rex , I'd have believed them. He screamed so loudly. "Ketchup?! Ketchup, there's ketchup everywhere!" I raised my hands. "Hold up_" This is Dexter, my father, sadly for m
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Chapter 2: We become spies
Was it some kind of a ritual? In all my days of mowing the lawn, I had never seen my old neighbour move that fast...The two entourages on each side of him were different, their helmets had lights around their opaque visors that transitioned from red, white to blue like plane lights. They had rifles and I might say I was impressed with their sequence. Their footsteps were in sync as they approached the other brown camouflage guys who were lined up."Who are these guys?" The one in the middle talked to Mister Wigglesworth and I could not believe my eyes, the parcel in his hand levitated. I glanced at Morty and he was equally as amazed as me and I scoffed. The parcel in his hand was eye-catching. It was black, prism-shaped with many facets. "Whoa." He tapped on it and it morphed remaking itself into spikes, I heard a pulsing noise, it morphed into a cube then back to the prism. I grabbed Morty's shoulder. Another box materialized from out of nowhere and it stood at the centre like a po
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Chapter 3: I get struck by lightning
"Here," Mister Wigglesworth said to me and handed me my bag and textbook. Like a new package."Thanks man,"He looked hesitant and meek again. "Don't thank me just yet," I emerged out of the red car weak in the knees. I opened the doggie pack to vomit and Dexter looked appalled. He grimaced."Zack, what happened?""He came in sick with while I was out shopping," Mister Wigglesworth's head lowered avoiding his eyes. He fidgeted with his keys and Dexter covered his eyes. He started to leave and came back to reverse his car. I blinked twice, his muscle car was now the old rusty Volkswagen that I used to see parked in his backyard. "Whoa."[ There's a cure in your backpack that will help you feel better, just let the queasiness last for a while, ] Damn. Why would Frank help me in the first place? "You, Beck, and I are leaving for the hospital tomorrow morning."I swallowed hard...no matter how many times I visited the doctor, I was still scared of him but I couldn't let dad think I tric
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Chapter 4:
The School was holding a ball and we had to look presentable. It was mandatory this year. I really truly hoped that Kendra would go out with me.Her mother Susan Gilles glared at me. I turned to Kendra holding a rake. Her dirty brown hair had split ends and she had the prettiest brown eyes, she wore a brown gardening outfit, her pink gloved hand tightened on her rake."Oh hi, Zach, what's shaking?" Me. My face was burning up. "Kendra? Can I ask you for a favour?" She fluttered her eyelashes. "Oh no, I'm all out of solids,"I turned red. "You see..." I saw the neon blue brackets circling her face. I flapped my hand across my face good thing she was checking her phone. "Oh, I just got an text from Al-Abadi, he asked me to come to the dance." She said. She studied physics.Amir? Amir Al-badi was like the worst human being on the planet to me. I doubt this'll go well. Besides I was not that great compared to him. "Um...That's... great_""Unbelievable..." I put my hands in front of my ey
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Chapter 5: My best friend's a cheat
Her head turned sideways with a sly grin tucking her phone back in her pocket. "I'll ask you to the dance and then I'll text him that I already have a partner, how's that sound?" "Cool," I sounded a bit too disappointed. If this wasn't a dream. She probably did it to get away from Amir's gloating but what am I worried about? I heaved a sigh. "Catch ya later,""Okay?" I definitely felt happy and sad at the same time, after that experience. Maybe it would not be such a bad day after all. Half bad. "I've got to figure this thing out.I checked up on Lois just in case she was having a bad dream. Her blue eyes rose. Her whites were red, she looked solemn and hugged her blanket."What is it?"She fidgeted. "When's mom coming back?." My eyes were the size of almonds, we had to lie to get her to quit bothering us every other weekday. I just went with it. But Marsha would be rolling in her grave."I don't know,""Well is she coming?" She asked with a hope filled voice."I'm sorry Lois, she's
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Chapter 6:
She fired again and my shoulder wrenched at the hit. I groped in the dark for the rifle and she was approaching and glanced at Morty pushing up from the ground, it was best if I stayed down. I heard the whirring of her robotic limbs as she started to walk away. Her metal parts had disappeared and she was in a different form, human.My other wound healed again and I had a big impulse to kill her before she mingled with any more peopleI scurried to the dark end and helped Morty up. "Are you okay?""K_Kendra... she's a killing machine," He pointed pulling up on me. "There she is..." His voice trailed off and he slumped, weak again and he touched his head. "I thought she was here.""She's the least of our problems," I said helping him up on to his feet and he stumbled looking out for her again."The Box, do you still have it?"He looked at me funny. "She keeps asking about my family, my hopes and my dreams...it hurts,""Did you say anything!?" His eyes rounded "No, she already knows tha
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Chapter 7: I have to kill the android
Mister Wigglesworth sat up from his chair "You lost the machine!?" He looked dismal and I raked my hair feeling terrible and all the same useless."I'm sorry, I just didn't want Morty to get vaporized. But we can find her, right?" I encouraged.He worked on his computer fixated. "No, Klozandroids are extremely hard to pursue, especially one that shapeshifts," He said and I gulped. "I don't have much time. Ash gave me 2 days and this is the second." He searched his monitor for anything suspicious on the map. "And they are extremely dangerous," His eyes stirred momentarily and then he passed me a small cardboard parcel. I took it and read the label, unfolding it to pick out a key. It jingled in my hand. "What's this for?" I read the caption and, it had the VW sign. I realized that letter V was actually a boomerang. A decoy."It's the key to the Volkswagon Bug,""You want me to ride that hunk of junk?" Seriously? I'd be the laughingstock of the entire town. I wouldn't want Amir to see
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Chapter 8:
"Step 1. Be unpredictable,"The robots were a challenge. One spun and tried to kick me, I clasped its foot in-between my hands and my knee went down and my foot pushed backwards against the ground.My hands crackled with electricity. Its eyes flashed, and I staggered forward when the other one booted me on the back of my head. I almost blacked out when I collided with the first one. I dropped and crawled away with a hand on my head and shuddered. Then my senses spurred on and I spun my body up, on my hands to evade a sweeping kick and flipped back blocking a heavy fist and I slammed my foot into the red bot's knee, it sparked after I crippled it.Their eyes flashed red. More emerged from the suitcase doubling up to fourteen_as much as I could count. "There's too many!" I said disoriented by them shuffling again. Mister Wigglesworth clenched his fist. "It's not about the size of a dog in a fight, it's about the size of the fight in a dog!""I am not a dog!!" I blocked my face on the
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Chapter 9: Going hunting
"You think it's broken?""Ha ha, as soon as the Box gets to Mister Wigglesworth, then we're good," I held it carefully and it wore on me like a sleeve. I pushed it off."What the hell!?" Morty pulled, it stretched like rubber and flickered sewing itself on to me.Seymour pawed at the remains in fascination."Zack!!" My dad was home and his voice was getting louder as he came by."Yeah, Zack!!" I snuffed at Lois's voice. She can barely put her sentences together and copies anyone who talks."Help," The alien stuff was creeping up to my face and I wheezed craning my neck away from it.He checked the house for any anomalies and glared at me. "What in the world are you wearing?"I hid the boot behind the rails."It's his costume," Morty said casually patting my head. The substance scaled up my neck and I hooded my face and I huffed at the holes he poked on it."Polkuhgeist,""It's an award-winning costume all right," Beck blew a raspberry at me holding a white package and a bottle of cho
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Chapter 10: Found her
The jets stopped for a moment, I spun over falling from the sky, diving in one direction, I was losing altitude and the red exclamation points were filling up my view. I glared at the trees.[ 3000 ft...2000 ft...500ft ]"Glider," The wings on my suit extended as I was plummeted and the traction in the wind pushed me back to a standing posture as I reached the dark park's proximity. I was hyperventilating. I searched the flaming field, the ship was a huge wreck. I lunged after her."A new knight?" She appeared confused and twirled her weapon. Well it doesn't matter,"We ran toward each other. She kicked me away brawling with Mister Wigglesworth. In the collision, I saw her claw emerging under him spinning rapidly and I shot it, the other whirled around her gripping my throat."Whoa!" I spun upside down and hit another tree. She dunked me into a puddle. He broke free of the collision and she screeched at the laser he shot in her eyes, he spun her arm around her neck and the claw ope
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