*HOST LEVEL: Level 9




*SPEED: 19


‹Mage Status›

*Mage Level: 0

*Magic Ability: None

*Mana Control: 0

HP: [150/150]

EXP: [0/150]

*Skills Unlocked*

*Energy Absorption: Level 2

*Refill: Level 1

*Crystal Iris: Level 1

*SP: [150/150]

*No free stats obtained*

*Quest: Kill five Level 1 beasts*

*Quest Rewards: Instant Level Up*

*Quest Details: [0/5]*

His mouth scrunched up in annoyance as he looked at the quest. He had to kill five..FIVE Level ones.

He only succeeded in the first quest because the Dim Dog was a general weakling but but he still struggled a little just to finally end it’s life.

Roshan had forgotten that he wasn’t the little boy he used to be.

Roshan stood up and picked up the sword at least he could sell it and get some coins for it and he could repay that kind old man’s deed.

He stood up and made his way to the forest at least the system didn’t say he had to complete the quest in one day.

He could at least try his new skills and check out his improvements.

He ran all the way to the forest with the sword in his hands cutting his way through the thick bushes and thorns.

He sniffed the air in order to make out any strange scent.

He got deeper into the forest and crouched as his ears picked up the light breaking of twigs.

He moved in to see two level 1 beasts. It was obvious they were not friendly to each other as they circled about.

Roshan smile as he thought of a quick plan.

He would sit back and watch this whole drama unfold and when they were both weakened, he would strike.

What was before him was the fight between a Gotou and a Mahaj.

Two strong Level 1 beasts with the potential to evolve if they had eaten enough beast.

He knew one needed the other’s Beast Gem to evolve.

The Gotou crouched on its four limbs as it hissed loudly at the Mahaj.

The Mahaj slithered back and forth as it raised it’s bald head at the beast on it’s territory.

The Gotous are known for their relatively hard hide and the long tusk in the middle of the head. They were strong which corresponded with their large size.

Most of them are told to have reached King tier within a decade after their birth and they were very hard to kill

The Mahajs with the appearance of a snake like body and a toad like head were known for their slimy attribute, they are known with the poison attribute. A Level 1 Mahaj beast would easily kill a Level 5 human with it’s poison.

It was gifted with extreme speed and they attained a little bit of intelligence immediately they were born.

Roshan already knew the winner after going through their strength and obvious weakness. He secretly thanked his mother for forcing him to read all those huge thick books. He slightly shuddered as he thought of their size.

His eyes remained fixed to the battle.

The Gotou moved forward ready to take the first strike with its horn pointed forward but the Mahaj claimed its title as the ‘Swift Dodger’ as it easily dodged the attack.

The Gotou snorted in anger as it retracted it’s position to face the annoying worm that dodged it’s attack.

Even if it was a beast, Roshan could make out a slight smile on the Mahaj’s Face. It seemed proud and it looked like the Gotou saw the smile too

As it charged forward again wanting to hit the head of the annoying worm in its path.

The Mahaj’s knew it’s weakness was being targeted but it waited till it could find the right attack and its eyes glittered as it found the point.

It dodged the Gotou’s attack but it had miscalculated as the Gotou’s horn tore a huge path of its skin and black blood flowed out but it didn’t let this chance slip away in front of him aa he went forward and dug its fangs in the Gotou’s Heel and its poison entered the blood stream of the Gotou.

The Beast thinking it had dealt a huge blow to the worm was planning for another attack when it instantly became tired. It’s eyes widened in bewilderment as it couldn’t understand why it suddenly felt sleepy.

It swayed to the side and fell down but the little breathes indicated that it was still alive.

The Mahaj raised it’s head in triumph as it looked at it’s fallen meal but from its movement, it was obvious the Gotou’s attack drained a lot from it.

This was what Roshan had been waiting for.

As he was about to stand, he realised he was not the only spectator as another beast jumped out from it’s hiding place.

It was a Kraptor. A level 3 beast.

It was obvious that the beast had been watching the fight from the beginning as it stepped forward.

A Kraptor was a beast of strength and speed.

It could get rid of five level 2 beasts on it’s own.

It was obvious this one was already weak if it had waited for a mere fight between two level ones.

Roshan shuddered in fear as he looked at the beast at the other side.

“I…I..In..Inspect” He stuttered

*Crystal Iris activated*


*Level 3

*95/100% of evolution process completed

*Condition: Weak

*Ability: None*

Roshan exhaled in relief as he knew the beast had no ability and it was rather rare to see a Kraptor with no ability. They either had the water, wind or ice ability.

He ran forward and brought his sword up.

He leapt up and brought his sword down with a slash as he stood directly in front of the Kraptor.

The Mahaj fell down with a thud, its head brutally severed from its body.

The Kraptor glared at the lean weakling who just interrupted its lunch.

Roshan examined the beast in front of him and he noticed the pool of blood under the Kraptor’s body. A huge slash was seen on its chest, whoever made that was deadly, he shivered as he thought of many possibilities.

The Impatient beast rushed forward on its limb, raising one of its claw ready to slash this disturbance down.

As Roshan looked at the beast making its attack.

‘Slow..’ was the first thought that came to his head.

He side stepped the attack, the beast could not stop its attack mid way and rushed straight past Roshan but due to its rushed attack, it left an opening for the boy.

Roshan pulled back his hand and landed a heavy blow on the side of the beast and it flew sideways.

Roshan tilted his head and rushed forward. His speed was fascinating.

He punched the beast from the other side before it could even land and the beast flew to another side.

Roshan moved to the same side and gave the beast a kick to the head raising the beast up before the beast finally landed on the ground unmoving.

“Wow…that was….. Amazing” Roshan said as he looked at the unmoving beast.

“I have never felt so alive”. Roshan looked up at the sky and grinned wildly. Little breathes could be heard coming from the unmoving beast on the floor.

He picked up his sword and sliced off its head.

He moved gingerly to the Gotou and was glad it was still alive. He immediately stabbed the sword into it’s head and the forest became silent once more.


The moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived

*Level 3 Beast Gem collected.*

*2 Level 1 beast Gem absorbed*

So the system had already absorbed the Gems without even asking him

*Would you like to absorb Level 3 Gem*

“No… “ Roshan said

He would sell that Gem for some good coins and pay that old man.

What of his other rewards, he thought

Immediately a screen appears in front of him

*Quest Details: [2/5]

*Exp: [175/150]

*Level up initiating*

Roshan was surprised as he hadn’t even finished the quest yet.

He then noticed that his Exp was over filled, that could be the reason for the Level Up


*Host as successfully reached Level 10*

*Evolution process beginning*

‘Evolution process…what was that’ before Roshan could think further.

An intense pain was felt all over his body, his knees were brought down to the ground immediately

“Argggghh…….Argggggghh…” He yelled in pain

What was happening to him, he thought as he gripped his hair in pain.

His body felt like he was being pierced with needles all over.

Large beads of sweat of appeared on his forehead.

He rolled about on the floor, writhing in pain.

‘What’s happening to me!?!?..’ he thought in pain.

It looked like a whole full year has passed because of the pain he was in but it was actually a few minutes.

Roshan remained in his position with his back on the floor. The pain started to subside.

He started to feel normal, his breathing was still a little shallow.

He was starting to wonder if Levelling up was actually a good thing.

A cool rush followed through his bones, veins and through his blood. He felt a new born baby experiencing its first summer wind.

He felt stronger.




Most importantly, he felt like he just began living.

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