WARSAW-the sons of war

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WARSAW-the sons of war

By: Scenario OngoingSystem

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Arnold, the omega and a 2nd son of the seventh alpha and Jack son of the wolf king escape the killing of their family by their older brother and uncle. Jack vows get back the throne and Arnold begins to work at a military facility to create super hybrid soldiers for revenge against his brother. The story begins with John kelly, an heroic cop who is in search of his adopted father Arnold, his lover Eva And brother Noah. John was a teenager when some men adopted his father and his family killed before his eyes and he awakes a system and his brother Noah escape with an steam punk Mafia boss. John framed for murder he never committed, goes to jail and joins the force with his wolf system abilities. Sworn to bring to justice the murderers of his family through the law however his brother will go on ruling the mafia world discovering his ability to communicate with werewolves. He comes back for revenge of his family and he believes it takes a Devil to kill monsters. The two conflicting brother's with john believes in bringing his enemies through the law of justice and Noah believes instant kill and murder. The duo in search of their father soon discovered the a blueprint of war that will end the world.

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A golden giant penatgon shaped hover ship with four castled like structures at the four edges of the ship fly across a futuristic cyber city with towering holographic humanoid images across the city. it jolted down blue gas from a cyber punk engine propeller descending from mid air, and docking onto a towering white and blue rectangular building structure with a large logo of a bald eagle engraved in front of its walls. Nectar command force known as the enforcers. 2053. A young man laid atop an electronic bed sleeping. Suddenly squeeze his eyes open from a haunting nightmare memories of his father and lover. Screaming loudly in anger, his fingers instantly grows out in to a sharp Werewolf like claws and his sharp teeth and fangs squeezed tightly like some hungry lion ready to devour a human. The alarm clock blaring loudly into his pointing ears and a system tab pops in his vision. [RAGE MADNESS-70%] [RAGE MORE THAN 50% WILL LEAD TO TRANSFORMATION] "That dream again" he gets up fro
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Okay, because today is a special day. We give in a revolver. That way your fears will be reduced and am sure from the looks from John kelly eyes. He will not kill any one" the commander turns his gaze at him distrustfully and said " Right Mr John kelly Arnold" John's face looked intimidating enough that he couldn't tell what is going through his mind. His voice cuts in "No, I will not kill any one" He replied.Another fellow with a cat head officer walked up to him and he gives him a black revolver gun. "Good, now that is settled, then let's move out" Commander pixes ordered. Police command unit officers begins to suit up on heavy fitted Mecha armor, armoured to the teeth like the commander. They carry cyber electric gun blasters and moved in such agility into several armored hover vans with out tires but blasted blue gas light energy and drives in mid air. Some entered into eagle type hover helicopter and hatches of hexagonal ship with small Castle like structures at the sides of
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A pilot pressing a control lunching sequence buttons of a white blue shuttle plane with a logo engraved on it named The Flying Emirates. Passengers seated on the plane drifted in conversations among them selves unknowing to them that today will be their last day on earth. The pilot pushed the plane control gear leveller and a blue gas like flames burst out from four exhaust large pipes lunching the plane into the vast path of freedom in the air. The bellowing sound of the plane moving swiftly leaping into the air as it glides freely into the vast part of freedom. Several hours later, the pilot suddenly speaks through the phone informing the command control center that they have lost control of the plane. Remotes and button aren't working obeying their commands. Suddenly, the back door at the pilot sits bust open. A huge tall Demi human in black with a bar code stood behind them lifting a gun and aim at the skull of the pilot. He press the muzzle releasing the trigger and BANG!
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John begins to walk towards them. He reach for his revolver gun by his side pocket. He aim at them releasing his muzzle and pressed the trigger. Bang!! Bang!! Bang!! The bullets he shoots from a distance from his gun deflects from the body of the Armored men. [HEART RAGE MADNESS 51%] [SPRINT SKILL-ACTIVATED] "Hmmmp, thick armor then I guess I can try this too" He sprints vanishing into thin air appearing in front of them. Their eyes widens in shock at his speed. He aims the gun at the crown jewels between their thigh. "How about this?" Bang! The bullet hits the bulleye between their thighs and instantly the man falls to his death holding his jewel. He sprints into air appearing in front of another armored man and aims at his jaws of the man. Bang! The bullet travels through the skull jolting out of his head. He reloads the bullets into the revolver barrel and shut it close. "Who is next, please quo up ? he said. The three armoured men looking at each other in suprise a
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The sun peeks is head into a bright dawn. Eva turns her head slamming her palm on the alarm clock violently to stop it from ringing constantly. She lays atop her bed dress on her pink pajamas decorated with red and white flowers staring at the white celling with her green emerald eyes. Scanning the room looking at her brown cupboard, table and chair with few girly stuffs scattered across the room. She breaths heavily lifting her body from the bed. She slides the white pink curtains to the left and the bright morning light filtering into her room. A modern city comes to view, a large giant human hologram advertising a restaurant. She looks down and young children on hover skate board hovering the mid air to school. The towering twin towered up as if they where challenging Gods block the rising orange sun. She covers her eyes with her hands trying to adjust to the beautiful ray of the sunlight in front her. Few minutes later, she clears her room and she puts on a blue judo unifor
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The prologue of demon lord
Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Was the footstep of a tall man walking in front of a large towering white structure looking like a kingdom like cathedral. He stands before a giant white door with dots of red that makes his body look small compare to it's massive size. He lifts his boot fitted with golden light metallic steam punk armor from his foot up to his waist. He kicks the door open walking into the dark cathedral. He is dressed on a fitted armor with a green overcoat like some knight drape behind his back holding a large sword behind his head made from steam punk which burst out steam every few seconds and electrical cyberpunk blaster. His armor is made of silver Mecha suit with the armor in his arm to his hand made from golden steampunk metallic suit which puuuurff out steam gas from the arm shoulders to several parts of his body. Carrying is gigantic sword like some adventurer venturing into a dungeon. He walks further into the darkness in the cathedral. He lifts his gleaming bl
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Hours before Eva accident. 21 year old John kelly stood in front of a movie set dressed in black and the movie director speaks" Camera rolling, Action". John kelly begins to run swiftly across a major road running towards a girl about crossing the road. A large mack truck moving swiftly from a corner drove out from a lane and John jumps in front of the truck pushing the girl out of the road and the truck rammed into John's body. [FOURTH WALL DEFENSE ACTIVATED] Just before the truck touches John's body, his blue eyes begins to gleam and the front of the truck coming in contact with John suddenly crashed into several damage part. "Action cut" the director shouted walking towards John. He looks at him, inflicted with several wound injury but they begin to heal however the front of the vehicle to the engine of the mack truck was destroyed beyond repair. [NANO ZOMBIE PARASITIC REGENERATION REDTORIN] "Are you some sort of clark kent of Superman or what? I have only seen these in mo
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I believe you might be wondering how come I have a system. Well then lets go back to the lane of memories as I tell you a story about us, Derrick, Eva , me and my family. And how it started with one man who was my favorite Beloved father ... John lifts his head looking at a bullet firing from Slys gun. The bullet flew into the air accompanied by share amount of force and whirlwind, his life flashing before his eyes. Suddenly, he remembers his father and him walking side by side to his lab. His father tried to let in him on a little secret. "Son, you know i am well known as a genius and highly intelligent but the truth is, I am slightly higher than most human beings. I am what they used to call an omega before my transcendence to an Alpha. I used to weakest of that intelligent being in the wolf kingdom". "Father what do you mean? what's is an Omega/ alpha?" John Questioned "Hmmmp, how do I begin to explain all these. you are my legacy and his right to know what lurks around in t
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"John, now you have heard little of my story, as time goes by, I will tell you about my life and the wolf kingdom. But for now, let me show you what we have been working on, so are you ready?" Questioned a tall pale skinned man with dark eyes on a white lab coat standing in front of an eagle military base camp at Galatia looking at 16 year old John on red high school jacket and blue jean. "You have been bugging me telling to show you where I work and some related history about my job at the base and so here we are John, your father is a top billionaire scientist working in a military lab. I told you these story because I know what happened in your school was not your fault. You suffer bully from the high elves however your three months suspension will not go to waste. We are going to do what I call father and son bonding". "I am a scientist and I discover and invents things that's what we make the world to believe but the truth is we conduct experiment to create the utimate human so
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"Are you afraid?, you should be after all I have to pay your father his due debt for turning my body into a living experiment". "You killed so many people and tried to control the government and that's why you are here. You no hero of justice" Arnold lash out. Stalion walks in front of him and Arnold sees Stalion's fist fly through the air into his face. He aims the gun and points it at Arnold's head. "On your knees," Arnold falls on his knees "You think you know the truth Arnold. I was a soldier protecting his nation. I went to train with the marine forces, the best of the best because the government said it will help combat crime against the people of Gaia. I help to bring a revolution to end the civil war but what did I get paid for it. I went into various wars and peace keeping battles and missions across countries, celebrated with some metallic medals but while I thought I was doing my duty to my country. My country and his military stabbed me in the f*cking back. My only
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