He immediately got into his fighting stance as he grapped his sword.

Taking light steps towards the source of the sound.

A large looking pig like shaped creature with the head of a rodent jumped out of the bush taking Roshan by surprise but due to his speed and agility, he was able to avoid the attack.

He would have said the creature looked like a giant rat but the protruding biceps on all four of its limb contrasted with its thin body that the shape of its ribs were visible and it was a pretty ugly shape.

The nauseating smell made the black haired boy cringe his nose in disgust.

“Crystal Iris activate” He mentally said


*Level 1

*Ability: Poison

*HP: [10/10]

Now that his crystal iris had levelled up, he would be able to tell the health points of his opponent.

“Hmmm…poison, that would explain this horrible stench” Roshan thought as he pointed his weapon at the beast who was growling at the intruder in its territory.

‘sssssssssst’ green gas flowed out from the skin pores of the beast.

*Poison detected

*HP reduced by 5*

*HP: [195/200]*

Roshan could feel his energy leaving him as he inhaled the poison.

Thanking his stars that the beast was on a lower level or he would have found his self on his way to his parents which would be lovely but he wasn’t ready to see them without fulfilling their wish first.

*HP: [190/200]*

‘Damnit..’ Roshan raised his sword ready to end the Raret but the beast easily evaded the strike.

He had underestimated the thing.

Taking a deep breath.


A single swipe was all it took to end the beast.

*Poison attribute +1*

“Hmmm…what’s this” Roshan looked at the attribute. This would mean he could use poison now, right?

No answer.

“Stupid system…” he hissed under his breath

A notification screen appeared in his head.

*Quest completed*

*Quest Reward: Instant Level Up*

*Level up initiating*

Roshan could feel that fresh energy pulsating in his veins.

*HOST LEVEL: Level 11

*HOST RACE: Greater Human




*SPEED: 21


‹Mage Status›

*Mage Level: 1

*Mage Abilities Activated

*Poison Element: 1

*Mana Control: 0

HP: [250/250]

EXP: [0/250]

*Skills Unlocked*

*Energy Absorption: Level 3

*Refill: Level 3

*Crystal Iris: Level 3

*SP: [250/250]

*5 free stats obtained*

This new notification left Roshan in shock.

Was he a mage? How could he be a mage and a soldier at the same time? Was it because of the poison he inhaled? Was it the system’s ability? Would he have to forfeit going to the military now?

All these questions ran through his head at the same time but they were unanswered.

*Would you like to absorb Beast Gem?*

The system asked

Roshan didn’t even think about it as he was used to saying yes to the system

*Energy Absorption activated*

*Poison attribute +5*

*Poison Element: 6*

Roshan kept moving out of the forest.

He decided to forget everything about the mage levels saying it was another advantage of the system.

He had 5 free stats to play with

Roshan thought about the right use of the stats and finally came to a conclusion.

*HOST LEVEL: Level 11

*HOST RACE: Greater Human




*SPEED: 23


Well at least he was stronger like he wanted.

He wanted to test this poison ability.

He thought of it and a green glow could be seen on his hands, looking around for a test subject. Roshan placed his hands on a nearby tree and bit by bit, it started to corrode and it disintegrated.

This poison ability was going to be very handy for him.

He walked out of the forest and past the market place reaching his destination. He could see boys and girls in different sizes and shape fighting with one another or with a sparring dummy.

He walked steadily to one of the dummy.

His steady footsteps made many heads turn to him.

“Who is that?”

“I don’t know, I have never seen him in the village before”

“He looks weak and pale”

“Maybe he is a new comer”

“Does he know this place is for the tournament practice”

“Of course not, If he did with that skinny body, he wouldn’t have been here”

Snickers and laughters could be heard from different side

Ever since he evolved, his senses were heightened and he could hear everything they were saying about him but he didn’t care. He just wanted to test his skills.

The adrenaline rushed through his veins. This was what he was looking for.

He stood face to face with the dummy.

‘Now how do I use this thing’ he thought as he looked around.

Roshan spotted a young looking guy far away going up to dummy and placing his hand on its chest.

Following what the boy did, Roshan came forward to the dummy and placed his on hand on it

“What level do you want to fight” A robotic voice sounded from the dummy

‘Woww’ Roshan smiled and whispered

“Level 5” He wanted to test this dummy.

The robotic dummy immediately straightened up and took its stance.


A familiar sound echoed in his head

*New Opponent detected*

*Quest: Defeat Opponent*

*Quest Reward: Instant Level Up*

‘This will be fun’ A smile came on Roshan face.

“Why is he smiling like that”

“That smile creeps me out”

“I know right, this guy is weird”

A lot of them turned away from their fight just to get a look at the newcomer in town.

Roshan gripped his sword and ran to his opponent ready for a strike, it was blocked leaving a opening by his side and the dummy threw a kick but it was immediately blocked by Roshan.

“This will be fun” Roshan smiled at the dummy and ran forward

Strike,block, hit, block, strike, block, slice, dodge, punch, block, kick,block, strike, block.

The funny thing about the dummy was due to it being a non living thing, it could fight for a long period of time.

Roshan was already tired as his moves were sluggish.

The dummy seeing this moved in for a hit, Roshan saw it move from his peripheral vision. The hit was coming directly to his head. He moved away so fast that the onlookers’ jaws dropped to the ground.


The dummy's head fell to the floor.

Roshan fell down huffing and panting.

If he had used all his attributes, he would have defeated the dummy a lot faster, but he decided to hold back and see what he would do.

*Quest Completed*

*Level Up Initiating*

*Host has successfully Levelled up*

*Two free stats obtained*

Roshan looked at this notification and decided to add the stats to his agility attribute.

Not realising he had caused some commotion, he straightened up and walked back home. He would come here the next day.


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