Wealth System After Being Cheated

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Wealth System After Being Cheated

By: Arzeerawrites OngoingSystem

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On the anniversary of Melvin and Hasley's relationship, there was one harsh reality that Melvin had to accept, which was Hasley's affair with a man named Sean. Hasley betrayed him because he was poor. From then on, Melvin's life was changed by the wealth system. Melvin can buy anything he wants so easily. He only needs to carry out missions well, then there will be extraordinary rewards for each mission he successfully completes. But Hasley, who is no longer his girlfriend, still interferes with his life. Even when Melvin is close to Adaline, a sincere woman, Hasley still interferes with Melvin's life.

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Anniversary day + heartbreak day
"What did you buy those pretty flowers for, Melvin?"Steve was puzzled to see Melvin carrying such pretty flowers when he entered the café. Today they had agreed to meet for a while at the café. Melvin was going to surprise Hasley, who had been his girlfriend for three years. Today was the anniversary of their relationship and flowers were a simple gift that Melvin always gave to his girlfriend because he didn't have enough money to buy expensive gifts. And all this time Hasley had understood his situation as a cafe waitress."I bought these of course for my girlfriend, Steve. Today my relationship with Hasley is exactly three years,""Really? Wow, it's been a long time. But it looks like your girlfriend is getting tired of being in a relationship with you, Melvin."Steve's words certainly confused Melvin. Hasley had never shown any signs that she was bored with him. Hasley had been a good woman and so understanding of his situation who was not a rich man."What do you mean, Steve?""
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Got wealth system
"Hurry up and explain it to me, Hasley!" Melvin snapped again and that immediately made the man with Hasley punch Melvin in the face."Don't be rude to my woman! You have no right to do so,""She's cheating on me behind my back, should I just keep quiet? Huh? I just need an explanation, after that I'll leave and my relationship with cheap women will never exist again," Melvin said as he pointed at Hasley who was angry at Melvin's words."I did it because I'm tired of poor men like you! I don't want to have a lover who's just a cafe waitress! I don't want to! And you rarely pay attention to me either,"Melvin got another punch in the face from the man with Hasley and it knocked him down. Not to be outdone, he did the same and he managed to knock the man down as well."I should be the one angry! Not you guys! Really have no shame anymore huh? Even I who didn't do it feel ashamed! If that's the reason, that's good. So I'm kept away from you. And you stupid man! Be careful, Hasley will do
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Next mission with a car reward
(The next mission is to save a woman who is being robbed)(Time given: Five minutes)(Punishment: The woman will lose everything)"What's the reward if I successfully complete the task?"(Buy the car you want)Melvin opened his eyes wide. He would get a car if he managed to save a woman. This was a great task for him, and he was determined to complete the mission or task well.A few seconds later, Melvin saw to his left a woman who was on the side of the road waiting for the vehicle to pick her up.Suddenly her bag was pulled by a large man. Melvin who saw that immediately ran after him.Melvin managed to stop the man and firmly asked the man to return the bag of the woman who was scared now and hoped that Melvin would succeed in grabbing her bag because all her valuables were in the bag.The evil man suddenly pulled out a knife from his pocket and was about to stab Melvin while exclaiming "Die!" But Melvin pulled out as much strength as he could, and the science of countering attack
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And also get the strength system
"Wow I didn't expect you to come to my house. What's up, Melvin?"Steve had just gotten home from work and as he was about to enter the house, he had Melvin in his house who came with a happy smile."Please come in,”Melvin was invited to sit in the living room by Steve then Steve got some water and cookies for Melvin."You don't have to do that, Steve,""There's only this, I'm sorry,""Don't be like that, I'm not a guest. I came here because I want to say thank you, Steve," Melvin said to Steve who immediately smiled because he understood Melvin's words."Thank you for giving me the information about Hasley.""If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have known what Hasley had done to me. She’s really evil and I hate her. I'm trying to erase my love, Steve. I hope I can,""I'm sure you can. Don't stay stuck in the past for too long. She can be happy with her new boyfriend, you should be too," Melvin nodded his head. He already had a strong desire to forget Hasley as soon as possible. "I'm
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Becoming a cafe owner
"I wonder why he's in this hospital. We know that this is where people with money go for treatment. After I asked, it turned out that Melvin was sick. And I was shocked. How could he be admitted to this hospital?""Let it go. It's none of your business, honey.""Yes, I know, but I'm just curious. And oh yes I want to tell you about something. He was admitted to this hospital because he was hurt by someone who said he wanted to steal his wallet. But somehow I don't believe it,""Why don't you believe?""He just got punished by the universe because he made you fall earlier? You told me earlier that it was a car driver who knocked you down, right?""Yes, and there are many people who own cars. And did you forget that he doesn't have a car. You said so yourself,""But he can be treated here, is he already a person with a lot of money now? From where? He must have committed a crime," Hasley muttered with a cynical expression on her face."If he really is the culprit, I will teach him a les
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Learn self defense or die?
When they were going out to buy supplies to open the cafe and Grace chose to stay in the cafe, Melvin suddenly accidentally met a woman who was familiar, because they had met before."Hello, Melvin,""Hi, Adaline isn't it? I feel like I've met you before but I kind of forgot your name. Did I recognize you wrong?""Oh no, you're right. My name is Adaline. I remember you too, there's no way I could have forgotten. By the way, do you work here? It looks like it's going to open soon, right?" Adaline asked Melvin who immediately nodded his head in response to Adaline's question."Yes, I'll be working as a waiter at this cafe. It's true, this cafe is about to open, Adaline,”Steve immediately turned to his side. Melvin had just confessed that he was going to work as a waiter at the cafe that was opening soon. Melvin didn't want to tell the truth."I see, good luck at work, Melvin.""Okay, thank you, Adaline. By the way, can I have your contact?" Melvin asked."Of course you can,"Adaline im
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