the inhuman king in the appocalyse

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the inhuman king in the appocalyse

By: Alpha OngoingSystem

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Isaac was not a special person at all, he was average in all respects, average height, average appearance, and an average family, but unlike others, when he reached the age of 18, he discovered that he had a type of brain tumor, and unfortunately it was too late for him to recover. All the doctors said that He can live for a maximum of four years Despite that, Isaac did not despair, fortunately he had a beautiful family who supported him, when he became 20 years old, the disease intensified and he had to be hospitalized, when it seemed that the countdown to his life had approached zero, fate had other words Spiritual energy arrived on planet Earth, causing all living things on the planet to begin to transform and gain terrifying abilities, animals turned into terrifying monsters, some plants gained self-awareness, and humans who managed to withstand the wave of spiritual energy awakened the ability to gain skills and became strong By defeating powerful enemies. The entire planet entered a new era where old laws fell and societies collapsed. The only law was the law of the jungle where the strongest devoured the weakest. Isaac who had lost hope in life was surprised the strange message appeared on his retina telling him...

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chapter 1 : evolution starts part 1
“Hehehe , this idiot is about to embarrass himself again…” “Ha-ha-ha-ha, how many this time!?, Is it 80 ...” “80!! Are you kidding, that fellow has long passed that many times….” A group of boys and girls looked at a young man with short black hair. The young man was tall with a lean body and a pale white face. This boy was heading towards Susan. Susan this was a girl of about 20 years old , with black long hair and bright green eyes, was considered one of the most beautiful girls on campus. Before the boy could speak, Susan let out a long sigh. “Huh, Isaac, why are you so persistent like this? I told you I’m not interested in dating. Do you understand the human language !? , waah !!” Isaac laughed a little and said while looking into her green eyes “This means that there is still hope for me…” “Susan, my feelings are truly sincere for you…” Isaac stopped speaking, for Susan had already left Isaac sighed and thought sadly “Damn this is failure number 102, it seems she r
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chapter 2 : evolution starts part 2
“ as i expected the zombies appeared as well…” Isaac sighed as he looked at the crowd that was slowly chasing after the humans but when they caught one of them, that was the end of that person. "I need to find Max before something happens to him, my family too... but first let's check the status window." Issac thought about the status window, as expected, a window appeared in front of his retinas. [ - Isaac Tails - Path: nothing - Level: 0 (?) Race: Human (?) Nickname: Son of Power (?) / Brilliant Mind (?) Strength: 3 / Agility: 5 / Health: 17 / Stamina: 17 / Energy: 22 / mind: 15 Abilities / Skills: mental attack (?) telekinesis (?) ] Isaac looked intently at the window that showed the six main characteristics of every living being “Hmm, I don’t know if my stats are pathetic or impressive compared to others… I don’t know the normal scale of attributes that ordinary humans should have.” This was just a fleeting thought in his mind. He didn’t expect to receive an answ
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chapter 3 : telekinesis ability
He stared at the black stone curiously and asked mentally "How can I absorb the skill?" [To comprehend a skill, the user must hold the skill crystal and think about it.] Issac applied the command, and the stone turned into a dark red light and entered his body. Call the status window to check [ - Isaac Tails Path: nothing - Level: 3 (?) Race: Human (?) Nickname: son of power (?) / The Brilliant Mind (?) Strength: 3 / Agility: 12 / Health: 27 / Stamina: 27 / Energy: 32 / mind :15 Abilities / Skills: mental attack (?) telekinesis (?) Mind Shield (?) ] “As expected, my condition has changed a lot compared to before…” Isaac canceled the status window, because more zombies started entering the room. He raised his hand and activated his Mind Control ability, focusing on their heads before closing his palm Boom!! Boom!! Boom!! The zombies' heads exploded like watermelons, the poisonous snot spread across the room and even reached Isaac but was repelled by using an illu
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chapter 4 : terrifying monster
Behind him, everyone, including the lady, looked at the closet .They used to it , they know that The young man in front of them had the ability to probably locate or sense the location of others. They were all Level 0 except for Dr. Liam. As expected, she opened the cupboard and a young woman in her early twenties with Asian features with short black hair came out. She looked at Max with a terrified expression and said "No-don't go upstairs, the second floor is full of those monsters..." The expressions of the others changed when they heard her, just as they were about to speak. A huge explosion occurred upstairs, destroying the door that entered the second floor. Boom!! Under everyone's gaze, three figures emerged from the smoke One of them was blazing with scarlet flames, he raised his palms towards the smoke and released a pillar of flames Boom!! While the person in flames was apparently dealing with the enemy, the two who were with him, one of whom was a middle-aged wo
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chapter 5 : the survivors
[son of power : Due to the user's resistance to spiritual energy that would turn him into a zombie, he received this title that allows him to freely control spiritual energy, +10 in energy attribute - Reduces energy consumption by 5%.] Although the description was simple, the title's effect was terrifying, reducing consumption by 5% something that could play an important role in a battle with an opponent of equal strength. But it wasn't this title that frustrated him, he turned his focus to the second title [Brilliant Brain: Because of the high mind Attribute, the user received this title that allows him to obtain 5 answers to any question every half year. 5/5 ] “I can't believe I used the effect of that title for such silly things…” Isaac murmured in frustration, when he read the description the first time he felt angry and inspired, because at least he knew that it was his title that had allowed him to get the answers to his earlier questions. “Hah, it doesn’t matter, the pri
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chapter 6 : new ability
After a lot of time , he succeeded in calming the poor little girl. ... [ Your level has advanced to level 25] [ You have got +10 in all attributes except mind +2 ] "Oh, the copy seems to be doing a good job..." Isaac thought as he read the message that had appeared. He looked at the short black ten year-old girl next to him and asked with a frown “Are you sure your father is on the 19th floor!?” The girl nodded, Isaac sighed sadly in his heart, he made sure that the 19th floor had no survivors, everyone there turned into zombies and he killed them. He found himself in a dilemma, how could he tell her that her father had turned into a zombie and that he is the one who killed him ! After thinking about it, he didn't tell her about it, at least not now. The messages that he had made a pilgrimage to kill zombies kept flashing. Isaac ignored them and searched the rest of the rooms. ... An hour later, inside a room, Isaac stared at a total of 11 people in front of him, includin
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chapter 7 : Zael offer part 1
The reason he sent the copy to the upper floor is because the source of the explosion that occurred a short while ago did not come from below but rather from above, and the reason for his descent is due to his being worried about Max and his family. When he slept for that short period, he dreamed of the worst nightmares, thousands of scenarios appeared in his mind. "Max was probably in the elevator when the power went out, that means he went downstairs," Isaac concluded as he descended. Whoosh !! Boom !! Something hit his shield, Isaac knew very well this time what he hit [ You have activated the Mind Control ability on a target at level 23 ] He pinned the mosquito to the ground with Mind Control and then activated the newly acquired ability [You have activated the King Fragment ability on a Level 23 Mosquito.] [Connection succeeded! ] Isaac felt an invisible connection between him and the mosquito, he revoked his mind control and then commanded the mosquito, which was about
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chapter 8 : zael offer part 2 / against level 42 zombie
Zael smiled when he saw that Isaac was considering his offer, in fact he had lied to Isaac, it was not his intuition that told him that Isaac was stronger than his guards but rather a skill he had awakened called [Contrast] that allowed him to see the strength of the target, so he naturally saw that Isaac was a little stronger than his His guards, what he didn't know was that the person in front of him was just a clone that carried 10% of the original body's strength! “Dad, are you sure about this matter!? He is a stranger to us, and we do not know anything about him!!” Zael patted him on the shoulder and said "Don't worry, in my 55 years of life I've met all kinds of people so I can say that a young man is the kind I prefer, the kind that appreciates help and family, the kind that became the worst nightmare for his enemies !" While the father and daughter were talking, the core of their conversation was thinking deeply about this offer "He's right. The situation has changed
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chapter 9 : Level up
A large ball of green light shot out from the zombie's body and entered Isaac's body. A radiant green light enveloped his entire body, when the light faded, Isaac's face had regained some color, the injury on his thigh had stopped bleeding, and the tissues had slowly begun to heal. Several letters appeared before his retinas but Isaac was in no position to read them. The clone held a skill crystal that was different from the other crystals as it was larger in size and the rune on it was dark blue in color. The clone took out a stone the size of a small child's palm that was covered in brain mucus, then carried Isaac's body and entered one of the rooms. He laid it on the bed with the skill crystal and soul stone and then faded into a white light. It was a miracle that the clone lasted for a while after the loss of Isaac. For consciousness, it was the weakness of all his abilities except for Mind Shield and King's Fragment ability, the effect of the ability or skill disappeared whe
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