Somewhere on a rocky planet.

A military base was filled with soldiers patrolling around and engaging in training routines.

A small camp settled in a part of the base. In that camp, was a man sitting behind a desk, going through a file.

“There’s nothing going on in this place. I am so bored” The sturdy man exhaled as he stood up and looked outside the window.

Seeing the most of the soldiers training, relaxing and talking with one another. Maybe he could take a day off too.

Taking out his mobile, he dialled in a number.

“Elise, how are you?” A sweet voice could be heard from the phone

“I hope the kids are okay too, Work is not much here and I’ll be coming back very soon. Maybe in the next two days.” The man said as a gentle smile was seen on his face.

At least he would be to go home now. He hadn’t seen them for years now.

With a wider grin, he put the phone down.

Suddenly, the communicator device rang.

He was surprised because it hasn’t rang for a long time.

Pressing a button, a voice was heard

“Captain....we need reinforcements. A four ringed Deagi has invaded the camp. We need reinforcement, soldiers are getting killed. The…Dea…The Deagi…Sir..The Deagi is argggggghhhhhh!!”

“Sergeant…Sergeant, do you copy?”

The sturdy man slammed his fists on the desk before pressing a button on the device.

His voice was projected around the whole shelter.

“Prepare for battle. We have a four ringed Deagi heading this way” The man said as he ran out of his camp.

“Assemble the Mechnas and the Battlebots.”

“All Mechnas soldiers get to positions”

“A four ringed Deagi is heading this way”

The Captain shouted commands at the soldiers.

A man was seen running to the Captain.

“Captain Steph..Half of the Mechnas are out. They haven’t been used for a long time and they are in need of servicing” The man said breathlessly

Steph furrowed his brows.

“How many Mechnas can be used right now”

“Just six, sir” The man said as he walked by the side of his captain

“Take out our six best Mechnas fighters and tell them to mark a space in front of the battle line.”

“Yes sir”

The Captain arrived at the battlefront, addressing his men trying to encourage them

“Soldiers, A four ringed Deagi is coming this way. He is capable of killing anyone of you with just a finger. We are pretty going to die but do you want to die without a fight?

I know a bunch of y’all are crybabies and weaklings but you can be useful if you try not to die and you will still die but at least try not to die quickly

We need to drag out this fight to give chance for reinforcements.”

His loud voice continued with his hands behind his back as a frown was plastered on his face.

“We won’t die without a fight, are you ready?”

It took a moment before the soldiers could reply back.

“YES SIR!!!”

“now let’s do this” The Captain shouted as he jumped into his personal Mechna. He called it Behemoth.

“Time for work baby” he said as he climbed into the cockpit.

He wore the armour and the Mechnas powered up.



An heavy object landed inside the shelter. It was the height of two humans stacked on top of each other.

It slowly stood up before looking around

“It’s here!!!! Assemble the Bots”

Heavy machineries lined up at the battlefront with Behemoth in front

While the remaining soldiers set up the battle bots with two people powering a bot.

One with the job of loading ammunitions and the other with the job of engaging the weapons.

Surprisingly they were all calm as they watched the movements of the Deagi whose hands were folded behind its back.

“State your business here, Deagi!!”

The Captain said from inside the cockpit of Behemoth.

“Ohoh……I wanted to play a little” The Deagi grinned and showed a set of razor sharp teeth

He walked slowly to the Behemoth and his actions triggered the activation of the weapons

“Deagi, do you want to break the peace between us” The Captain said as he activated the weapons on his Mechna.

“heheee, I came here on my own accord” a raspy voice replied back to him

“and I came to have fun” The Deagi cackled as he leapt into the air and landed on two Mechnas completely crushing them.

“Attack!!!! Let’s take this bastard down” The Captain yelled as he activated his light swords. The hands of the Behemoth was replaced by two glowing swords

The Battlebots fired large thick bullets on the Deagi.

The skin of the Deagi was very thick causing most of the bullets to do no harm and they bounced off his body.

“Earth Users, subdue him!” the Captain shouted as he prepared for his counterattack.

A team of soldiers surrounded the Deagi and lifted up their hands at the same time, the ground under the Deagi have him and the creature sunk in with his waist below the ground.

“You guys are a lot of fun” The Deagi laughed as he stretched its hand and it grew past its normal length. His finger curled into a fist and he slammed it on one of the ability users

His scream was cut short as he turned into a paste of blood and bones.

“What…he has an ability!!” The Captain thought as he charged forward and slashed down the hand.

The Deagi looked surprised before smiling again and the decapitated arm immediately grew back.

Charging at the ability users around him.

Bullets from all corners kept firing at him

“Load in the Energy Missiles!!”

The captain yelled as he ran slashing the hands and trying to save the ability soldiers. They were the turning point in this battle.

The Deagi seeing the Captain destroying his plans aimed for his head but the Behemoth was too fast and immediately evaded the attack.

After killing five of the ability users, his ‘prison’ weakened and he could get out but before he made any attempt


Large shiny bullets headed his way, he didn’t glance at it. He felt it wouldn’t affect him until a numbing pain was felt on his shoulder. His whole arm has been blown off

He groaned and glanced at the bot that fired at his arm. Then another bullet came out at him aiming for his head, he quickly moved but his face was pierced by the side.

“Now I’m angry” He roared

“I will kill all of you first” He growled as he arm started growing back but he noticed it was a lot slower than before.

“Keep Firing”

Easier said than done, the energy bullets took a longer amount of time to get loaded in and the cooldown timer was 10 seconds before another one can be shot again.

In a battle like this, just 10 seconds would be enough to get rid of ten people for a Deagi

Another bullet headed straight for the Deagi’s torso but he leapt out of the way straight out of the ground and the bullet missed totally destroying a Mechna and few battle bots.

The Deagi reached his good hand and grabbed the battle bot that shot at him before slamming it into one of the Mechnas.

The earth user made different weapons from the ground and fired at the Deagi but its skin was too hand. The only way was through the Energy Missiles.

The Deagi noticed this too and started going straight for the Battle bots.

“Protect Them!!!” The Captain yelled as he moved to the front of the Deagi with one of his hands in place, Behemoth punched it a few inches back.

“You are tough, I like you” The Deagi said as it cleaned the black blood from its mouth.

“Bastard, Fight me!!” Steph yelled charging into the Deagi slamming it into the shelter wall

Behemoth changed its hand to a gun firing an energy bullet right into the Deagi’s face

“my eye!! You little…you ant” The Deagi yelled clutching its wounded eye before kicking Behemoth back into the field.

The Deagi boiled with anger as he jumped and slammed both his hands on the Mechna.

Behemoth formed a cross shaped with its arms blocking the blow and the ground underneath it cracked creating a large crater

Blood flowed from the mouth of the captain in the cockpit.


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