Crosskill (Steal the System)

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Crosskill (Steal the System)

By: Dian Armay CompletedSystem

Language: English

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I am Kava, an ordinary person as usual. I'm not the chosen person by the system. One day, I got a lot of money. I went to a cafe to celebrate with my sister, Mika. It was then that we came under attack from a chosen system user. I lost the fight and my sister was taken away. I found a Florine system bracelet and I put it on. However, that's not a combat type system and I wasn't chosen. Even the system guide insulted me. What do I have to do to be able to use the system?

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I Find A System
A cafe becomes a waiting place for a man in a black jacket. He sat facing a waiter who was dropping food and drinks according to what was ordered. But no food is withdrawn.Not long after, a girl wearing skimpy clothes only covered a small part of her upper leg. Meanwhile, the shirt worn does not cover the stomach but perfectly wraps the arms to the wrists. A ring decorates the left finger. He sat facing the man who had already arrived there. A small bag that is carried is used to cover the stomach which is in direct contact with the air.“Why are you taking so long, Heavy sis?” asked the man named Kava."Sorry My lite bro, I'm stuck in a traffic jam. By the way, why did you invite me here?” asked the girl named Mika.“I just earned money. It's to celebrate that I invite you here." Kava handed a plate to Mika.“You should save for the future. But can I eat this?” Mika took a spoon."Yes, let's be together."A plate of food is not enough for Mika. Kava gave back the food that had been
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How to fight with a non-combat system
“Your mission can actually appear if you already have the initial ability. I will help you carry out this hidden mission. Try as hard as you can,” Florine ."What's that? And what skills will I get?” Kava asked.“Saved a hundred people. The reward you get is a healing skill.”“A decent mission with rewards. Are there any other missions with the ability to fight?”"Sorry, I'm just the weakest system guide with no fighting skills at all.""It's fine, let's do this together. I will complete all the missions.” Kava stroked Florine's head before standing up.Several damaged vehicles returned to Kava and were examined. If someone is trapped, they are saved. If no one is left, go find someone else. Indeed, not all make it out alive. But at least those who are still alive can get out and find other help.Everyone who was there was saved. However, this has not been able to complete the mission given by Florine. It only takes one person to be able to fulfill the first hidden mission.Kawa conti
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"Yo, what's wrong with you? You say you want to save someone. But instead, they ran away from being chased by women. Are you a playboy? " Florine asked."Look at my mission." Kava bowed the body through a fallen tree.Florine looked back at the hidden mission that was actually used for feasibility tests on prospective systems.[Save 104/100][Mission successful][Gift: skill][Skills will be accepted to use even though a user is not chosen]"You're right, now you can use skills," Florine said.Kava stopped his footsteps and turned around facing the gangsters who were chasing him. "Bestie, what is my skill? Strike Smash, Fire Punch or Super Kick? ""Internal healing, you can heal yourself by reducing mana." Florine perched on the shoulder of Kava."I thought I could fight using the skills in this hidden mission." Kava turned around and ran while holding his left hand.Which in the body of Kava turned into a healing aura. The left hand that cannot be moved slowly can heal. Cracking bone
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New System
"I'm Silia, the heir to the Florine system that you have stolen. You are in my cousin's headquarters and waiting for justice for you, fake users." The girl turned around carrying an author's container."What is justice? What is my fault?" Kava asked."Killing the Healer class user is a big mistake. My cousin who will decide on that." The door to the room was opened before closing again. Silia disappeared, leaving Kava alone."You just accuse. I'm not the type of fighter, just like you," Kava said.The situation was quiet. Kava tried to move the body. It turned out that the chair occupied was not as strong as expected. He continued to move the chair until one of the feet of the broken chair. Kava collapsed on the table in front of him. The table collapsed and the glass above it fell and broke into several pieces. He rolled himself so that his hands could take one of the fragments of the object. Hands shut sharp glass to the strap. Little by little, the rope was torn apart. Disconnect o
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Escape from Guild
"Don't think I'm just giving up. You all like an ant brain.” Kava jumps over the glass window. It was unexpected that the place where he jumped was quite high above the ground. Still collapsing, Kava landed onto the roof of another building. Some of the liquid he was carrying broke and scattered on the roof. He licked the liquid while turning his mana into a healing aura to treat the body that was injured from falling from a great height.the Treatment feels complete. The dragon's hand again tried to move. The clawed little finger was successfully moved. Kava became curious, the system bracelet was turned on and aimed at that arm, another status popped up. [Functionality reaches 1%] [You can use up to 1% of the Arm of the Elemental Dragon's strength] [You get a new skill] [New Skill : Dragon Claw] [Using dragon claw to attack opponent] [Consumption : n/a] [New Skill : Shapeshifter] [Changing the body like an ordinary human, but losing the power of the Arm of the Elemental Drag
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First Theft
"Sure, even you can get more than that," Robin replied.“Robin, guide me to get on the next mission.” Kava threw away the food and turned around. He saw some tattooed people.“Wow, someone took our rations. Give it back or...," the man with the dragon tattoo said, stopping because he avoided flying objects."Or?" Kava played one of the sharp woods."Damn, don't be an attacker when someone is talking." The man with the green tattoo narrowed his eyes at Kava. A small knife was taken out.Several other tattooed people also pulled out knives."Attack!" The man with the dragon tattoo first advanced, thrusting a knife targeting Kava's stomach.Kava's right hand immediately changed into a dragon's hand. The enemy's weapons were completely unable to scratch the stone limbs. The left hand moves quickly and grabs the enemy's knife. He returned the knife in the form of a stab.The man with the tiger tattoo attacks from the left, aiming at Kava's right ear. However, he had to stop immediately whe
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Assault on Kava
Yellow orange light from the incoming sun on the horizon reached Kava's eyes. The man kept waiting for someone who wanted to be asked about the room in the flat. The gadget that results from robbing is played to drive away boredom. The simcard number was contacted first, the answer was always out of reach. “You are a gangster bunny. How dare you gang up on me and cut off my hand,” he said, slightly annoyed.After a long time, came a woman who gave birth to white leaves of the snow. On the edge of the cloth there is a transparent part that shows the end of the skin that goes into the cloth. He ran towards a special seat for the receptionist. A computer is booted up with a special password. "Sorry, I'm late. Can I help you?"Kava quickly stood up and walked closer to the receptionist. “I need a room to spend the night here. It only took one night," he said."Sorry, we only serve house rentals for at least three months. Please look elsewhere.The man left with a feeling of disappointment
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Fight Together Swordman
“Surprised? If you're scared, just say so and pay for all of this.” Kava glared at the person. The system bracelet is activated to identify the opponent.[Name : Raez][Class : Swordman][System: Kun Xyu][Level : 5][Ability : -][HP : 265][MP : 87][Atk : 54][Def : 17][Skill : Dash, Slash, charge, dual slash, rock breaker]"How? Dare you with me?” asked the man with the big sword.“Yo, just give up. The mission might be to kill you to get more experience.” Robin sat on Kava's shoulder."How about between the two of us? Don't involve other people." Kava stood before Raez."Sure, we'll meet in that building." Raez also stood up as he pointed at an abandoned building.In an empty joint that was abandoned by its owner, Kava sat alone, lining up the stolen knives. One held became a favorite object for him.“Yo, the chances of us winning are slim. The elite thief and healer classes have never won against swordsmen of the same level,” said Robin.“Don't think about it. Victory is not de
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Consequences for Fake User
“Why are you confused? This isn't the first time you've stolen a car. There could be money in here.” Robin sat near the steering wheel."You are right." Kava started the engine and drove the vehicle to the other end of town.The car stops near a garbage dump. Every corner did not escape Kava's attention. A first aid kit was found. Kava forced it open with a dragon claw. There are several mana fluids and health point restorers. There is also another dirty white liquid. Some money was also found there. Kava took several objects that were considered important. The rest is dumped in the trash heap.The notification window re-opened. Kava selected a lottery ticket and pressed the draw button. The notification window displays a row of images of all the rotating slot machines. The slot machine stops, the notification window flashes.[Warning! User not selected person][Users cannot use this feature and get a new mission before passing the due diligence][Save other users 0/1M][Stealing from
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After Die
Fires in landfills are not a concern at all. In fact, the residents stay away from that place.The fire has started to die out. A black figure moved. He straightened while cleaning his face. It turns out that Kava is still alive after being punished by the master. “Fortunately, this dragon's hand was able to save me from the master. Robin, how about you?”Kava pressed the button on the system bracelet. There was no light or other reaction, nor did Robin appear. He pressed several times with the same result. In fact, the bracelet shattered into pieces.The blistered body prevented Kava from moving far. The remaining mana is converted into a healing aura and distributed throughout the body. However, that aura could not heal the entire body that secreted lymph.After resting overnight, the mana was completely filled. Kava immediately turned him into a healing aura. The blistered body started to shrink like everything. Clear liquid no longer comes out of the body. He cleaned the body from
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