The students stood and silently took in the beauty of the Academy.

One person stood out though.

After marvelling at the beauty of the Academy, Roshan frowned as he noticed he would not be able to go anywhere to hunt and gain exp points.

There was no entry gate in the academy which meant that if he needed to go out, he would have to use that slip looking card something that the Princess used.

What would be his excuse

‘Hey, can I go out to hunt some beast to gain exp points?’ He shuddered as he thought of the outcome of the conversation, he would most likely be laughed at and ignored.

Someone nudged him by the side

“Why the long face?” Kade said as he brought his face closer to Roshan and grinned.

Roshan pushed his face away and turned around.

“Welcome to The Golden Generation Academy” Princess Hera smirked as she looked at the gaping mouth of each students.

“I will assign you to the admissions officer and he would direct you all to where each of you would be tested to determin
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