Billionaire's Luck System

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Billionaire's Luck System

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Fired and betrayed on the same day, Nelson lost his zest for life and decided to commit suicide. But before he jumped, a miracle happened. Ding! [Welcome host, Nelson Kade] [The system has been connected, complete the mission and get all your wishes]

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Chapter 1
"This is your salary. You don't have to come tomorrow."Hearing these mocking words from the human resource development who called him made Nelson round his eyes in surprise."What do you mean, Mr. Van? I know that my sales target still needs to be met this month, but this is the first time I've done that. I've been working here for two years, and you just fired me?" Hearing the rebuttal from Nelson, the man called Van could only laugh mockingly."Nelson, oh Nelson, now is not your place to complain. Get out and get your stuff, or do you want security to kick you out?" Van said, making Nelson feel even more angry."You!" Nelson, who had already lost his temper, immediately tried to throw his punches at Van.Van shouted while trying to avoid Nelson's punches. "Security!"The security that was called came quickly, making Nelson unable to finish off the human resources development who had treated him arbitrarily."Let me go!" Nelson shouted, trying to free himself from the grip of the t
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Chapter 2
The two lovebirds who were making love stopped and looked at the sound with surprised eyes."N-nelson? You're home." Laura, who saw her husband's arrival, was surprised because Nelson usually didn't come home at this hour."You?!" Nelson ignored his wife, but the 24-year-old man immediately pulled the man, still hugging his wife intimately.Nelson, who was already emotional, immediately threw his fist into the man's face, but unfortunately, Nelson's punch was missed because the man, who was his opponent, was very agile.The man whom Nelson attacked did not accept it, and finally, the man hit Nelson back. "How dare you hit me?"A fierce fight was inevitable, and even the items in the room became victims."Stop it!" Laura, who couldn't take it anymore, shouted. The two men were now holding each other by the collar."What are you doing, Nelson?" Irritated, Laura walked up to the two men and separated them. Of course, Laura defended her mistress."Who do you think I am, Laura? I'm your hu
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Chapter 3
Hearing what Nelson said, the system did not respond at all."Are you leaving already? Good, I don't want to go crazy like this." Nelson said coldly, the man looking weakly at his IV hand. "Lightning doesn't want me to die, so why should Earth accept me?" Nelson continued to talk nonsense. The spirit of life was gone entirely from the man.[My Host's existence here is not without meaning]"Never mind, stop your nonsense. This is the real world, not a fairy tale world where one can hear foreign voices from their thoughts. I know, I'm out of my mind right now, so stop making noise; I want to sleep!" snapped Nelson, who had run out of patience.The man knew he shouldn't have to deal with the foreign voice from his mind, but somehow, his lips and brain were out of sync.[Host, what you are hearing right now is not nonsense][Introduce me to system S0373F17][Welcome to the lucky draw system. You will get everything you want][Your satisfaction is my top priority]Hearing all these explan
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Chapter 4
[Congratulations on getting the nightclub raffle as a welcome gift, Host]"Are you kidding me? What does nightclub mean to me? I rarely even get drunk. Are you kidding me?" Nelson said in an angry tone.[Host, don't worry. The system won't play tricks on the Host]"Alright, I believe you, but tell me my mission. Don't repeat anything stupid!" [The first mission is to clean up and conquer the secret target over there]The system's words made Nelson again realize that he had to go on a mission to continue getting everything he wanted."I'll do my best, but..." Nelson realized something was missing.[Host, don't worry, soon someone will come and pay for all the administration. The Host can leave with peace of mind]Hearing the system's explanation, Nelson smiled happily. "Alright, I'll see how my first property is."Not long after communicating with the system, the nurse approached Nelson."Mr. Nelson, sorry to interrupt your time. This is an item left for you, and one would also like t
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Chapter 5
[Scanning, health detected...][I can only give you 5% health value. Now you can move freely, but remember, don't do things that will make the Host's body dangerous because I only relieve the Host's pain and can't nourish the Host's body just like that]"This is more than enough!" Nelson said excitedly and began to move his hand gently, and sure enough, the pain in his hand had begun to disappear."Ah, I can finally walk like this," Nelson said in amazement as he could now stand on his own two feet because the doctor had told him that his legs were relatively weak and he would have to use a wheelchair for a while."The scars are still there, but that's okay," Nelson continued as he reflected in the small mirror in his hospital room.[The scars will disappear over time with increased health value]"Good," Nelson muttered happily.Nelson walked out of the hospital and already had a car waiting for him to take him to his nightclub.***"Wow, a nightclub this fancy is going to be mine?" s
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Chapter 6
"Finally, the one I've been waiting for has come," Arthur said excitedly."Mr. Ben, how are you? You're looking increasingly handsome, and your watch caught my eye. Is that the new watch from J?" The manager, who had just arrived, was quick to flatter Ben.Moreover, the room Ben had booked a long time ago was no ordinary room; it could only be reserved by the VVIP cardholders of the venue, and those VVIP cardholders also needed time to book the place.Hearing the manager's praise, Ben was naturally delighted. "Max, you know, good stuff; it's true that this is a special edition because I don't want just anyone to be able to wear what I'm wearing." "You are indeed very worthy to wear a rare product like this. Oh yes, what's wrong with calling me Mr. Ben? Is our service lacking? Please let me know. I promise to give you the best service." Max remembered his primary purpose for being there."No, the waiter here is also very nice. The wine prepared is also very delicious, as usual." Ben r
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Chapter 7
"Why are you begging a bum like me?" asked Nelson in a cold tone, making Max feel even more depressed."I'm sorry, sir; I know I was wrong. Please forgive me. I will do anything to ease your anger." Max, of course, continued to persuade Nelson not to fire him."You really will do whatever I ask?" Nelson said as he sat down in a nearby chair.Hearing the question from his boss, Max nodded his head quickly. "I'll do whatever it takes, sir!""Bark like a good dog," Nelson replied sarcastically."Woof... woof... woof..." Max quickly did what Nelson told him to do. Not only did Max bark like a dog, he also knelt and wiggled his butt like a dog.Seeing that horrifying sight, of course, the other four men who had been bullying and insulting Nelson instantly felt fear in their hearts."Turn around," Nelson said with an amused laugh as he gave his order. Max, who heard his boss's order, immediately did what Nelson asked."Hahaha smart dog." Nelson laughed in satisfaction, while Ben, who saw it
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Chapter 8
"Well then, lick my shoes, and after that, clean all the toilets in this club!" Hearing Nelson's uncharitable words, Ben couldn't hold back his temper any longer, and the man immediately got up."Fuck you, you're a man who doesn't know himself!" Ben growled, wanting to attack Nelson, but the bodyguards quickly held him back."You're an asshole who doesn't deserve respect!" said Ben, continuing to yell curses at Nelson."Hey, why are you angry? You can mistreat others. Why can't others do it back to you?" Nelson retorted in a cold tone. The man also approached Ben, who his bodyguard was holding back."You?!" The fact that Nelson said this made Ben even more angry and unacceptable.Fed up with Ben's behaviour, who did not realize his mistake, Nelson finally handed over the job of making Ben realize his place to his bodyguard. "Do your job well, make him die, but don't kill him because death is something he doesn't deserve." Hearing Nelson's order, the three bodyguards in the room imme
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Chapter 9
The System answered quickly, leaving Nelson with nothing but a frown on his face.Eryn, who saw the change in her boss, felt bad; she didn't want to get a nightly scolding like this from her new boss."How long have you been working here?" asked Nelson as he closed the files in annoyance."Sorry, sir, I've only been working for a month," Eryn answered quickly; the girl felt that her new boss was terrifying, even though he initially seemed harmless."New kid, but already told to face me? Are they underestimating me?" raged Nelson with great annoyance."I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean it that way, but Mr. Derrick is currently out of town and can't be reached." Eryn bowed her head deeply, fearing that Nelson was getting angry with her."Out of town without permission? Wow, is this his ancestor's company? I don't want to know, you contact him now at any cost. Also, contact the auditor team; I expect you to be in this room in an hour. If you don't do what I say, I will take this matter strai
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Chapter 10
"Of course, I'm having fun with my girls, and who are you? Ah, Mr. Nelson?" said Derrick with a surprised tone because he didn't expect his new boss to arrive suddenly."So this is how you act behind my back?" asked Nelson as he folded his arms over his chest arrogantly."I'm sorry, sir; I didn't mean it like that." Derrick quickly begged for Nelson's forgiveness."You're too noisy. I don't care about that because I want your explanation of everything written here!" Nelson said as he walked over to his chair, pointing at the file on his desk."What do you mean, sir?" replied Derrick in a tone of feigned ignorance."You can't act like a fool. Where did all that corruption money go? Don't tell me there are dozens of broken plates and glasses daily; don't tell me that cleaning the club's floors costs $300,000,000 a year!" An angry Nelson immediately threw the files in Derrick's face."Sir, I can explain; it's not my fault but the auditor's fault, perhaps for recording it wrong." Derrick
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