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Alton has lost everything in his life and at the bitter end of his life he was given a chance to wish for one thing. See as Alton right his wrongs and take revenge on the people who were against him in his first time at life. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone first I would like to thank you for reading and as this is my first book so I would love it if guys comment or you could message me directly so I can improve my writing and thus deliver better work. Thank you. Join the discord server:

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Rebirth -Edited
It was the coldest night of the year that day, and the clouds were covering the sky, the rain was falling, and the location was a barren land; aside from two people around fifty meters away from each other, no one was in sight. One of the men was on his knees and was half dead; the blood was coming out of the cuts on his body, and all of his clothes were red because of this. His eyes showed despair, and it looked like he had given up on everything.The man asked in a voice full of despair, "Why are you trying to kill me when I don't have anything, and I am not even a threat to anyone, so Why?"The other man was standing. "Don't blame yourself but your blood; if you were not the earl's son, you would not have to face this, Alton." The man was wearing a cape and mask to hide his identity."Who are you? Why are you doing this?" asked Alton."Well, it doesn't matter if you know who I am because you won't be able to tell anyone." Said the man and then took off his cape and mask and slowly
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Understanding the system
Name: Alton Von TerenAge: 15 yearsRace: HumanTerritory: TerenOccupation: NoneRank: NoneLevel: 01SP: 0Coins: 0Experience: 00 / 100Health: 10 / 10Strength: 8Agility: 5Stamina: 3Vitality: 10Intelligence: 15Mana: 5/5Skills: NoneAlton started looking at the system with total concentration, and after seeing his stats, he met with the bitter reality that right now, his stats were lower than even a regular guard.Alton's thoughts were disturbed when he heard a voice again "Welcome Host to the power system."Alton looked all around the room, but there was no one, which shocked him; Alton said in a loud voice, "Who is it?"An answer came into his brain: "Host, I am the system." Alton then asked "Where are you?" The reply came directly to his brain "I am in your soul and only you can hear me and only you can see the screen."Alton's confused face changed hearing this, and he asked, " You can talk? how?""Yes host I can talk. the user doesn't have enough privilege for the inform
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Meeting Father
As food entered Alton's mouth, he could feel the texture and taste it brought and some bitter memories of his past life when he was left all alone, and he could not taste this food again.Alton started eating the food without looking up from the plate. Maria was shocked because the young master she remembered would always push the food back after taking a single bite and always bad-mouth the chef. Maria looked at Alton with questioning eyes, and she felt that something had changed, but she could not put her finger on it.Maria unconsciously mumbled in a low voice, "Something is changing."This sound caught Alton's attention, and he looked at her and asked, "Did you say anything?"Maria denied it by moving her head left and right. Alton looked at her for a second but started stuffing the food again. Alton finished his breakfast fast, and now he was full.After finishing the breakfast, Alton once again around the room and saw that the room had a single, double bed in the middle, a bathr
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Meeting Father (II)
As Alton walked towards the earl's study, multiple maids and servants were doing their regular chores, and seeing him, they bowed, but that was just because he was the earl's son, not because they were respectful of him because Alton's current reputation was of a spoiled brat who was loved and cared by his parents.Alton looked at them and understood the looks of disdain and anger because the lord they all loved had such an unworthy son as his only child.Alton smiled but kept walking in silence, stopped in front of a window, and looked outside of the window. This territory's name is Teren; it belonged to the Alzonian Empire from the start Teren family ruled this land and helped in the making of the Alzonian Empire and were thus granted the title of Duke by the king of that time, but as the time progressed the Teren family met its demise and was thus relegated to the rank of Count.The head of the family is Aldwin Von Teren, and the current countess of the Aria Von Teren was Alton's p
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Talk with Parents
Alton was sitting there waiting with his father in silence while Maria was bringing his mother here.When Alton entered his father's study, he was startledDingA sound startled him, and then a notification with a black screen showed up in front of him.[A Quest has started][Travel to the North of Alzonian Empire][Time Limit: 1 month][Reward: 50 XP, ten coins][Penalty: System Removal (Death)]Alton was shocked seeing this and started shouting in his mind; Alton then in his mind, 'System, can I talk to you this way.'A reply came, 'Yes, Host, the system is linked with your soul; you don't need to open your mouth to communicate with me.' Alton then shouted, 'What is this Quest?'A reply came 'Host Quests are created by the system for you to become powerful so kindly complete the request.'Alton said, 'But why do I have to travel to North?' The system replied, 'The Host doesn't have enough privilege for the information kindly level up.' The system went silent and didn't say anything
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Departure Preparations
Seeing that his parents had agreed with him, he looked at them with a sad smile because he wanted to stay with them, but Alton knew that the system needed to be followed to keep them safe in future."I will be going back to my room if you need me just send the servant to call me" Alton got up and then headed to the door and exited the room.Maria gave Aldwin and Aria a slight bow and then followed Alton.As Alton left the room, Aldwin turned towards Aria and asked, "Why did you agree with him? I called you here to ask him to give up this madness, but you gave him the permission."Aria looked toward Aldwin with a smile; "Did you see his eyes?"Aldwin was speechless when Aria continued, "They had determination and hope in them which he did not have before; if I had not seen his eyes I will not have had agreed with him."Aldwin was speechless hearing this; "So you believe in his vision?"Aria nodded in denial while saying, "Not even one bit. I know he is hiding something, but after seein
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Departure Preparations (II)
Alton stayed in his room until the sunset, reading a book; when Alton heard a knock on the door, he straightened up and said, "Come In."A woman in her late twenties came in with long black hair reaching her waist with a beautiful face, entered the room and looked at Alton. "Young Master, it's time to head to the dining room for dinner.""Okay" Alton nodded, got up from his chair, and started heading towards the dining room. The dining room was on the ground floor, so Alton turned right and started walking toward the stairs. It was the Teren Family tradition to have dinner with the rest of the family, and once a month, all the sub-branches will be invited to the Teren Mansion for dinner.This time was just dinner with his family, so Alton was not tense as he walked into the room and saw that his mother and father were already sitting in their seats and looking at him with a smile.Teren returned a smile. "Good Evening, Mother and Father", Alton said while bowing a bit in respect.Aldw
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Family Get Together
The day before the departure, Alton got up on his own and started walking towards the bathroom to freshen up when he heard a knock on the door, but the person opened the door without even waiting for the answer.Alton looked at the person coming, and it was Maria. Maria entered the room and looked at the bed, but it was empty; no one was there when she heard a voice coming from her back. "Oh, Maria, I am already up."Maria looked toward the voice and saw that Alton was standing in front of the bathroom, so she looked at Alton, "Good morning, young master.""Good Morning to you as well," Alton said while entering the bathroom to do his morning routine. Alton's morning routine was to brush his teeth and take a bath. Alton brushed his teeth and then took a bath while Maria got his clothes ready; when he walked out of the tub, she dressed him, and this has been their daily routine for the past ten years.After finishing his daily routine, Alton sat at the table and looked at Maria. "Can y
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Family Get Together (II)
As Alton was waiting there with Maria, they heard the sound of two footsteps heading towards them. As Alton looked in that direction, a smile appeared; he saw one male and one female walking toward them; The male had short black hair and a well-built body. He was wearing the same clothes as Alton, but the difference was that he had a Lion with seven stars in a circle around, leaving space for two stars on each shoulder.The woman was a female version of Alton with long blue hair and eyes, and she was wearing a blue dress with black lines, and she had a star about the size of half hand with three stars which was attached to her dress near the heart.The couple was walking gracefully as the couple came near Alton. Alton gave a slight bow in respect. "Good Afternoon, Father, Mother."The couples were Aldwin and Aria; they both looked at Alton with a smile when Alton straightened up and stood straight. Aldwin puts a hand on Alton's shoulder. "Are you ready?"Alton nodded, and Aldwin smile
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Family Get Together (III)
All the people in the hall currently had their attention on Alton and Lisa and were gossiping about why their young master, who had not attended any of the past events, was attending now, and he was even talking to the girl.The head of Jamil's house and Aldwin were standing near each other and couple of other people and talking about the work-related problem when Alton stood up from the chair, walked towards the girl, and started talking to her in a friendly tone.Alton seeing this was shocked and when Aria came to him seeing Alton talking to the girl and asked, "Aldwin do you know who that girl is?"Aldwin nodded in denial when they were interrupted by a man standing near them; he had small green hair, the same as the girl with the same color eyes but a slight build. "Master, Madam, that will be my daughter. I have brought her here for the first time today and was going to introduce her to all after this meeting." Aldwin and Aria looked at him, and he was the head of Jamil house Mar
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